Dblue Glitch VST Freezes


I’m working on a song now, and when I used Dblue’s infamous Glitch VST, my PC froze at several occations. I found out that it only happenes when the Glitch GUI is up, and Renoise progresses from one pattern to another. Then the PC freezes for maybe 7 seconds, then goes on playing.

Anyone else had this happen?

i will try and see if this also happens with me later tonight

I think dblue some when said that this is a know problem in glitch and that he is working on a solution.

dblue: Is this correct or have I messed up something?

It’s a problem in Glitch that I’m aware but have been unable to fix so far. To be honest I haven’t touched any of that code in many months now and I’m not sure if I’ll be picking it up again. It’s old, messy and a complete pain in the ass to work with, so these days I am just trying to focus on moving ahead with a new and much cleaner system. I am hoping to “retire” the old (current) version(s) ASAP and kinda forget that they ever existed…

alright, not racking on your program or anything, DBlue, I think it’s ace!

So there’s a new glitch vst coming out?

a glitch in glitch eh?