Dblue Glitch Vst - Renoise Pattern Commands To Position It~

Hi everyone.

I love dblue’s Glitch VST, I just want to know if there’s a pattern command to start the glitch from a specific point.

For example, I have a synth riff that’s mashed up with Glitch and I want it to remain consistent through-out the song. However I have a one bar drum fill, which then means when the riff comes back the Glitch begins a bar later in the sequence; so is there a pattern command to start it from a specific point?? I hope you understand what I mean ^^


I have tried looking online for an FAQ or tutorial on it’s abilities other than sound manipulation, but I wasn’t able to find anything ^^

maybe ‘right mouse click’ in pattern editor select ‘render selection to sample’ if it can’t be done another way?

Unfortunately there isn’t a feature for this in Glitch yet. I designed it mainly for 4/4 music with fixed length patterns, so I did not think much about these instances where you might have a one bar fill somewhere in the middle of your song. :(

You have a few options at the moment:

  1. Make sure that all your Renoise patterns are the same length as the pattern in Glitch. This means that you’ll probably have to restructure some of your song, which I understand is not so great.

  2. Use a shorter pattern length in Glitch such as 16 steps, so that it always syncs to Renoise pattern lengths that are divisible by 16, such as 16, 32, 48, 64, etc. This means that you’ll have to change patterns in Glitch more often, since you will now need 4 x 16 step patterns instead of 1 x 64 steps.

  3. Make a copy of your pattern(s) in Glitch, and then use the Shift function to move those pattern one bar (16 steps) to the right. After your one bar fill has occurred, the timing in Glitch will now be offset by one bar, so after that point in time you can change to the shifted patterns instead of the original ones, and now the effects you’ve programmed will hopefully be correctly in sync again.

I am working on a few changes at the moment, so perhaps I will try add a new command to reset the timing as you want to. I’m just not sure how nicely it might work, or if it will introduce some sync problems. I’ll have to experiment with it to find out.

Renoise is the only music software I use, so anything I do add will of course be fine-tuned for easy usage in Renoise :)

Thanks for the speedy replies both of you ^^

It would be a nice feature I think, but until then your solution number 3 sorts out everything I need and wasn’t something I had thought of, so thanks a lot :)

Also thanks a lot for the VST in general dblue! It was awesome to see your a Renoise user too as I originally found the VST after Computer Music gave it a little plug ( Issue #155 page 48)

I know you can change the values of each glitch automation in the automation editor. You can try something there. Usually I get lazy and I have multiple tracks for multiple instances of dblue glitch. I fill the bar in with the Nothing value until I want the glitch to play (Like, half of it black, then red)

Sorry to dredge up an old toppic but dblue : how do I get the glitch plugin(vst) to be recognised in renoise on osx?

I’ve dropped the dll in to the library directory that renoise vst path is set to. It doesn’t show up. I’ve renamed it to .vst and it still doesn’t show up.

I’m missing something blindingly obvious I know but a google and search on here haven’t brought anything back useful.

Help please :)

.dll is for Windows.
That and there isn’t a Mac OS X version of dblue Glitch VST available.

How come I have a set of VST plugins that appear to work then? Are these VSTs coded for OSX?

I’m gutted if Glitch won’t work at all on Mac.

VST is just a plugin API that can be used by developers on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It’s a standard that defines how a host can talk to the plugin, handle parameters, generate audio, etc. But the plugin itself is still just like any other program on your system, and so there needs to be different versions of the plugin created for each operating system, each with their own specialised code designed for that system.

I’m sorry to say that there is no version of Glitch available for Mac yet.

I can offer you a bag of peanuts, 20 quid and a firm handshake if you have plans to release a mac AU version in the future?

If dBlue is smart, he implements it into Renoise and then he has an automatic native version for Mac, Linux and windows :)

I’ll chip in on an additional bag of peanuts.