Dblue Stretch2

Renoise 2.8, dblue stretch2 vst plugin crashes.

what are the steps to take to reproduce this crash?

also, i don’t think there’s a stretch 2. there’s only one version of stretch available from the illformed website


I’m sorry mate, but this is so incredibly bloody vague. How is anyone supposed to help you when you’ve provided absolutely no useful information to go on, other than ‘it crashes’? Hope you can understand it from my point of view anyway.

Can you at least give me some more information about what you were doing at the time it crashed? Is it crashing while you’re running sound through it? While you’re tweaking a certain parameter? Does it even load into Renoise at all? Did it work ok in older versions of Renoise? Anything else you can think of?

Renoise 2.8 32-bit or 64-bit? Using sandboxed plugins or not? Etc.

There is, but it’s never been officially publicly released. It’s just a really rough work in progress that’s quite prone to crashing, which is exactly why it was never publicly released in the first place. :)

First of all sorry for not putting out additional info about crash.

Yes, when audio is going thru plugin it crashes (Audio Thread). Renoise x86, win7 x64. Plugins sandboxed. Also when tweaking ANY (except ON/OFF) parameter its crashing.

Sry, but i didnt tried other versions of Renoise. I was just cleaning my harddisks and found that plugin, i even dont remember where/when i got it.

p.s. Btw, i found 1st version of stretch and it works all ok. No bugs, no crashes and stuff like that.

No worries, it’s just a little frustrating sometimes. No big deal.

My advice for the plugin: Simply don’t use it. :)

I can’t even get it to load anymore on my own Win7 64-bit machine. It’s old as hell, unfinished, obviously buggy, etc. Whatever is causing the problem(s) will never be fixed by me. I honestly don’t even know if I still have the source code for it anyway. Sorry.

Thats ok, no probs. v1 still working and thats enough for me what it delivers.

p.s. Btw, thank you very much, the plugin itself is great.