Dblue - Syntechtic Sugar (Danoise Remix)

Your resident Renoise remixer has been at it again - with dblue’s permission, of course


I got a Youtube link as well (with nice visuals by milkdrop)

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That’s great, love the original too.
You guys should work together more.

Ah yes, definitely a great track by dblue. Love how it starts out bangin’, but halfway through it goes into a different territory…

Actually I never planned to do a remix, I was simply messing about with Grid Pie when I stumbled across the interesting parts around ~4.30 in my version - once that was put down, the rest more or less came by itself.
I like that it’s possible to “compose by accident”. But I still have to take responsibility for the result, I guess :lol:

Simply FANTASTIC!! Love it!

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Great remix. You made me continue working on my own version :D

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nice, even if it doesn’t top the original.

I still love all the different variations and details in this remix :)