dblue - tension (danoise edit)

I’ve not shared many tracks lately, time to change that!


This is a remix/edit of “tension” by dblue - which you can listen to here. All Renoise factory sounds!
Look in the track description for a full xrns download (Renoise 3.0 required)

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Very nice work, as always! Definitely a lot more inspired than my unfinished original :]

Well, you know I’d love to remix more unfinished tracks. They inspire me :yeah:

Wow, I expected a very different beat. But this one is also nice.

Awesome drums!!! The mixing is great as well!The “Harmonys” are not my case tbh… Sound a bit random…

Very cool track. Amazing drums, also great subbass.
Also great strings and effects (2:40, 3:00). Top. :walkman: