DC filter and Soft Clip in Master Section

Hi !
I would like to know more about DC filter and Soft Clip options in the Master section.
What kind of filters are they ? I mean which type of, etc… ?
Thanxs !


Soft clipping means there is “knee” near the 0db and signal hotter than that isn’t just “hard clipped”, but the top end is smoothed
Left side hard clipping, right side soft clipping

Don’t know how exactly Renoises soft clipping behaves, but this is the general concept.

DC Filter removes dc offset. Probably just high pass filter with really really low cutoff.

Thanks, I know, but I would like to have more precision about internal Renoise’s filters…

I mean exactly what kind of Dither and DC Offset…


I can’t answer your question about the filter type …but I gues it is a verry gentle 6db highpass .
Anyway , I hardly use renoise internal dc remover , instead I use the free 'brainworx cleansweep ’ it’s a must have ,