Dc Filter/soft Clipping Status Is Not Remembered

The status of DC Filter/Soft Clipping options is not remembered in 1.9, they are always off when renoise is launched or a new empty song is opened. The status for every song is saved with the song though.

I liked the way it was in 1.8, and I think it made much more sense. Why has it changed in this way?

since this has become a per-song setting, it’s somehow reasonable to loose this setting on application scope

I know, and my question is why being a per-song setting? And even if per-song, why loosing the setting for new opened empty songs?

Still I think these two features made more sense in the previous way, because they are settings for the mastering, they are not actually filters or something that affect a particular song that much.

it is a per-song setting because the authors want people to listen to their song with a specific setting. even if you do not publish your songs, still some of your songs could need one setting, and others need another setting.

if you need just one kind of setting, use the default song feature to set these values as you need them.

Ok, thanks anyway.