Dc Offset Algorithm


during last SDCompo Round I stumbled upon the question what kind of algorithm Renoise’s DC offset removal mechanism actually uses (either the DSP Version or those built in implictly in MST).

Does it use a bias correction approach / symmetry correction or is it a highpass filter in disguise, or is it both ?
See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_offset

I ask because I usually don’t use the DC Offset removal in MST. I use a butterworth highpass and IMO it does a great job
Now I want to find out which pros/cons the additional usage of the DC Offset removal has, and maybe if a combination of dc offset removal and highpass makes sense.

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Bump please

Its a highpass filter.

Thank you Taktik :slight_smile: !

Is it only a highpass filter if DC Offset “auto” feature is activated ?
I ask, because it’s even possible to create new dc offsets when moving the slider to positive values

BTW: can you tell us the filter type and steepness and the cut off frequency ?

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