Ddrc Sample Pack Feedback

DDRC sample packs are randomly generated using a little php program written by a Renoise user some time ago and this will not change (I have not got the time to vet and select samples for the round) but I would like some feedback on whether you generally think they are sufficient and have a good balance across the sounds.

Currently I take:
10 from Drums and Percussion (all single hit drum sounds)
10 from Single Hits (can be anything from pads and basses to vocals)
5 from Loops (both instrument loops and beats live in here)
2 from XRNI (only just started including these)

Is everybody happy with that? Or if not what would you change?

personally, i am very happy with the samplepacks. they never contain every sample i want, so they force me to be creative. i think you should keep doing it the way you are doing it now, do what the hell you feel like and let us sort out what we do with what you throw at us. the only thing you could consider would be to add some extra drum samples when a certain round is particularly drum-centric, but even then, nah, fuck it, it is cool the way it is now imo.

edit: …but i appreciate you asking :)

Well the two Insturments may help a little. For example in this round they both ended up being drum kits, so loads of drums, although I do sometimes worry we’ll get a round with no kick or no snare or something, which may make it hard. But then again with 5 loops you are very likely to have a break you can chop one out of…

So generally the balance of sounds seems sufficient? Not seen anybody complain but thought it worth asking for feedback on the matter.

I also like the sample packs just the way you do it.

This is what makes it a challenge — take the given stuff, whatever it may be, and see what you can do with it. Compare own results to what other people produce with the very same material. Learn how they do it.