De Achtervolging (The Chasing)

Living 2 nights of beer sigarettes and candy. Driving all day long.

duuuude, dit is klasse! netjes!!! :]/ , love the influences and all the little switch-ups, phresh

ending feels kinda rushed… booo! gotta fix that up a bit perhaps?

zo…, ben echt wel wakker nu ;]

i’ll try to create a proper ending for this tune. that is always the hardest part in music creation for me ;)

It’s pretty good, bit different at least, like the heavy break that kicks in.

One problem I can hear on the monitors is allot of clicking ,it’s especially heard when the track is very minimal,. For example from 0:22 - 0.45 can hear allot of clicking there,and from 4:25. Can be fixed with a slight attack/fade in or click removal plugin. Not sure if you can hear this allready or if you don’t mind it.

i hear it alright. it’s in the bassline. realy don’t know if i want to get rid of it.
thank you for listening :)