Deactivate Dsp Effects With A Single Shortcut ?

I found out that such a shortcut would be very useful when quicly A/B ing vst effects, you know, the ability of quickly turning off all the dsp effects chain with a single shorcut.

Is there such a thing existing ?

you can:

  1. stop all effects AND NOTES with FF00 in all tracks
  2. deactivate one effect with xF00, where x indicates the xth effect in the chain (reactivate it with xF01)

instead, to achieve what you want, you should put all your effects of the track you want to shut down in a send track, put a send device with 100% send amount and “keep source” mode into the audio track, then use xF00 (probably 1F00, since is likely that you will put this send device on position 1 in the DSP chain) to bypass the send device, using xF01 to reactivate it.

Ok, thanks for your reply, I’m sure this will be useful, however I meant a ‘GUI shorcut’ (something like a combination of keys then) not a pattern command, don’t know whether it exists.

You mean if you want to perform live and want to activate/deactivate the DSP effects in realtime?

yep : )

Well, I don’t know if this works on DSP effects, but on some VSTs and VSTi’s, there is a way to do this realtime

See ,there are values for each effect, right? Midivalues. 4 might be cutoff, 5 might be resonance, 6 might be this 7 might be that…

In some plugins, there is a number for activating and deactivating the effect. So, if you find the number, tune it to a knob/slider on your midi-equipment (if you have one). Now, while you perform, you can just slide/turn the knob or slider on your equipment, and the effect will activate/deactivate depending on this action.

If I wanted to be able to “disable” all the effects at once, I’d just copy the DSP chain to a sendchannel and then enable/disable the senddevice as required :)