Dead By Silence - Deathfloor Chronicle 3

Track production: renoise; live pa : ableton

tracklist :

Antichristus - Dark Lord ( dead by silence rmx)
Project V8 - End of the line ( dead by silence rmx)
Enduser - 1/3 ( dead by silence rmx)
Dead by silence - Annihilating Rythm
Dead by Silence - Join the Darkside
Dead by Silence - There is no more room in hell
Dead by Silence - Babylon Bwoy
Dead by Silence - Fucking Psycho
Malicious - Phalanx (dead by silence rmx)
Dead by Silence - Hdbnging
Dead by Silence - Never Ending Punishment
Ion Dissonance - Kneel

Love this shit man, it reminds me of the Speedcore/Frenchcore when I used to play hardcore…many years ago…

glad you like it :yeah:

Nice tunes/set mate. Enjoyed it :)