Dead Dog Disko Competition Round 17

I have something!!! I didn’t realize it was today… there’s not much variation yet, but I wanna submit it! If I do get time until tomorrow I’ll send it in!

Forgot to announce today (been too busy record shopping for first time in years and it slipped my mind.) Will leave it until I get to work tomorrow and if nothing hits my inbox I post the link to the one and only entry so far.

Well I think an extra 48 hours if MORE than enough for you useless buggers to try and get something in :P (Only kidding on course.)

The winner (by default) is Dvorak

Congratulation mate, try and get me some rules for the next round, which will start on Thursday (as normal.)

His entry:

New winner I believe, and have a feeling new contestant?? Thanks for taking part! :)

WOW. Beautiful song. :walkman:

sorry guys, I drew a blank for this challenege… :(
I seriously didn’t have any idea where to start

Aw, thank you.

Thanks for awarding me Default Winner as well. I was looking forward to the competition aspect of the it all though, oh well.