Dead Dog Disko Competition Round 17

The winner (by default) is Dvorak

Congratulation mate, try and get me some rules for the next round, which will start on Thursday (as normal.)

His entry:
mp3: http://www.mediafire…yddy3mvu8b4j8fh
xrns: http://www.mediafire…ju8pwb89ftgtwv8

Deadline for submission is 12noon UK time Thursday 14th July

“The goal is to make a track composed of, or slowly evolving into, a big fat textured wall of sound.”

Tempo: Any
Genre: Wall Of Sound (see notes)
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: Any samples from within your personal arsenal allowed. Sample pack also provided but please don’t limit yourself to it as it is random and unlikely to be overly suitable.
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. This includes rendering selection and similar. As you are allowed to use your own samples I would say this doesn’t rule out recording a guitar or similar, for a classic Wall Of Sound, as once it’s recorded it can technically be classed as a sample…
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. Audio file accepted, preferably mp3 at 320kbs; other encodings and rates acceptable. .XRNS submissions also accepted, preferably alongside an audio file but in isolation only (allowing Demo users to join in.) Would be extra nice if people can provide both.

Sample Pack:

The Wall Of Sound technique is pretty well described here (link provided by rule-setter.)

Learning new things all the time! :)

Although I knew ‘wall of sound’ for a long time, I never knew this is a technical term. In a naive way, I always thought it’s a stupid euphemism for a sound like e.g. in all those 90’s eurodance or pop productions… I never had it associated with heavily distorted guitars with long delays, or with The Beatles’ Across The Universe - which I learned from WP has a classic wall of sound effect done by Phil Spector!

Wall of Voodoo - wall of sound! The Jesus & Mary Chain - wall of sound!
I didn’t know I like wall of sound! :lol: :walkman:

All I can think of is ‘Fuck Buttons’ so I’ll probably go for something like that :D

The video submitted show the idea on a guitar, but don’t feel restricted to guitar, It’s ok with synths (If it’s not better)

hey, that is like a Godspeed You! Black Emperor concert all by himself! so that’s how they do it! pretty damn cool.

just finished my entry for the 1st round of the 3hr knock-out tournament, so i’ll have to see if i still have the time to join this competition as well.
or i’ll just submit a couple of minutes of silence like in the last one. :)

Went to see Godspeed a few months ago. Think I was actually more impressed by the support act but didn’t manage to note their name. Was also a bit of a shame as I’d just broken up with my girlfriend so went on my own. Did actually try and give away the tickets and couldn’t even manage that.

But back on topic: Wall Of Sound is definitely a technique most often used in rock and metal. As well as the heavy effects it traditional relies on having multiple instruments (guitarists) playing the same part in unison to help fatten the sound even more.

Even Wikipedia’s page seems to go into the technique and history Ok…

same here, saw them in Paradiso, Amsterdam. i truly expected it to be a small crowd, but when we arrived it was cramped full of people. ended up sitting somewhere on the 3rd floor and just listening, not actually seeing anything. but then again, what’s to see about some dudes on stage fiddling with guitar effects?
i got tired of the music after about 1,5 hours (that’s roughly 3 GY!BE songs) and went home. used to love that stuff way more when i was stoned out of my mind.

I haven’t seen them live, but i have a couple of albums, sounds like a lot more than just some fiddling with guitar effects. :blink:

A quick bit of Googling has pointed me at Dead Rat Orchestra which seems to be correct. Looking through Youtube and I haven’t found a video I’d particularly recommend but it is rather strange musical noodling, using a large variety of weird instruments (with fiddle being the main melody in many of the songs) but also doing things like micing up them cutting a log with a band saw, throwing hundreds of coins around and a bunch of weird looking things I couldn’t of told you what they were called.

Going well off topic now though… Hope people’s entries are coming on well ;)

in my download queue.

I’d say you more have to watch than listen but I hope you enjoy it. If you like things a bit Musique Concrète/Avant-Garde then hopefully you will :)

May I please ask where this “phazepulse” sample came from. It rocks. :)

My hard drive. :P

But i believe it originally came from here:

thanks, another site to crawl ;-D

Well deadline is over and we only have one entry. Do we have people trying to get stuff in and we should extend it for a day or should I announce the default winner? Bit of a shame really! First time it’s happened though…

I’m sorry, didn’t have time for this one, I’m out. :(

it is a shame indeed! at least we have a winner :)
i didn’t have time to join this one either. too bad as it was a cool idea to do. ah well, we can’t have 6+ competitors for every round. guess that’s what happens with weekly compos. but i PM’ed Mane and made him enthusiastic about joining in the future so that is promising again.

Strangely I’ve been chatting to him (although not so much about the compos) and it turns out we both went to the same school, although he’s a good few years younger.

Will leave announcing until tomorrow as it’s not like we need the voting time for one entry ;)

Ah, i started a track for this a couple of days ago, but didn’t get far. You know, it’s summer and nice weather for a change here, so can’t just sit inside tracking my ass off. :)