Dead Dog Renoise Competition 12

i will congratulate you beforehand on a job well done.

LOL thanks mate!
But how come you will allow the mighty ÜAV from the Frenchlands to win the grand prize?! Selfishly making your own music, huh! :panic: ;)

I submitted my masterpiece now! :lol:
Do we vote or are there judges? I’m going away for a week tomorrow and won’t have access to internet, so if i haven’t showed up in time to vote that’s why.

@TheBellows: we vote. after the tracking period is over, kazakore will take some time (nobody knows how long it will be this time! ;)) to get everything in order, and there will be a voting period. we’re not sure how long that one will take either, and then there’s a winner.

@f+d+k: it’s not decided that he’ll win again, after all, TheBellows just finished a masterpiece, and your own entry can’t be too shabby either, judging from your earlier post. i have good faith that you will beat him even without my help.

Haha, yeah right. :lol:

I’m sorry, but I had to bail out, my results went from bad to worse…

Really frustrating to find out I just couldn’t get that d*mn 8 seconds to work, no way! In the end I liked the silent part much more than the main stuff. Even the dogs escaped from the room. That’s the point I know I have to call it quits… <_<

damn dude, i had all of my money on you based on your earlier comment!!! i was certain you were going to be the winner! such a shame!

Aaaw - I would have tried harder if I knew that before! (fingers crossed behind back) :D

Now I can’t wait to listen to the new entries soon, that’s the part I love!

Come on f•d•k, I will not have the time to finish mine, I’m too busy working hard for free this week.
The last ddrc was epic by the way great tracks and congrat beat furher!

üav, I think time’s over, else you might give it a try late at night – sleep is overestimated! :walkman:

Ahah no, I need my 4 hours of sleep.

Sorry for even more delays. I had expected to come home Sunday evening/night but our party ran on until about 7pm Sunday (gotta love summer, outdoor parties!) then went back to a makes, spent all Monday helping him build some new mid/tops for his system and finally got home at gone 0330 this morning. Made getting up at 0630 for work a little hard! In fact impossible, I got up an hour late ;)

Due to running so late I haven’t brought my laptop into work either though, so will have to download and do my thing when I get home this evening. Nice to cehck in and see this thread active though :)

OK we have one entrant who has set his files to Private on Mediafire and one who did contact me while I was away saying it wouldn’t let him PM (0 post count.) I will give them both until noon GMT tomorrow to get things sorted or will have to go with what I have…

Took about five attempts (wireless here is so bad, especially as soon as anybody else connects to it I get constant drop-outs) but finally here is the vote pack. Unfortunately missing one of the entrants but already running pretty late. Extra shame as it was from a brand new user (or at least new forum account.)

thank you üav for the props, Ive tried my best, by the way too sad you didn+t make it for this round.
Right now i m in a hostel in Norway on vacation so i dont have headphones and a limited time to check the internet, also it happens the same with the tracks, will vote on Monday for sure, i m anxious to hear those abominable resolutions! :dribble:

Ah, welcome to Norway! :)

Interesting tunes. :P

Winner is no.3 by DubKidFlash Congratulations mate and thank you to all who entered. Sorry for the entry that didn’t make it in. Unfortunately never received it after the failed attempt either, otherwise I would of uploaded for your listening pleasure, even if not for voting purposes.

  1. Beat Fuhrer
  2. The Bellows
    3. DubKidFlash

Please get new rules into me asap, new round due to start noon this Thursday.

I was late for the voting thing, really sorry for TheBellows, I liked your thing sooo much, no internet yesterday.
In general really enjoyed all of them!!!, Congrats to DubKid for the victory. I’m so happy with your tracks fellas.
And apologies for my track, Due the flights I didn’t got time to EQ and detail things properly.

Thank you Beat Führer, i actually voted for your twisted thing, crazy stuff! :w00t:
Congrats DubKidFlash!

Nice round, but i hope some more people will join in the next one. :)

wow that was fast, didn’t even have time to listen and vote this round! i’ve been in Berlin all weekend (what a fantastic city), so haven’t had internet access. will try and remember to listen to them later on, i’m sure they are great, and really curious as to what our DDRC virgin has submitted! :)