Dead Dog Renoise Competition 12

Winner is no.3 by DubKidFlash Congratulations mate and thank you to all who entered. Sorry for the entry that didn’t make it in. Unfortunately never received it after the failed attempt either, otherwise I would of uploaded for your listening pleasure, even if not for voting purposes.

  1. Beat Fuhrer
  2. The Bellows
    3. DubKidFlash

Please get new rules into me asap, new round due to start noon this Thursday.

Voting starts now! Deadline for voting is 12noon GMT on Tuesday 26th April

Get the vote pack here:

Sorry running at a bit of a weird schedule but been out of town for a couple of days, picked up a massive army tent for summer antics, and I am going to make this round a bit of an odd length too…

Deadline for submissions is: 12noon GMT Monday 18th April.

Happy tracking.

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any (Progressive?)
Time Signature: Any
Additional: You must include a period of silence or relative calm in the middle, “silent” compared to the general track mood.
The duration of this period must be larger than 8 seconds

Compulsory Sample:
Just Electrica Dharma samples. The permissible sound resources are any of the band’s videos on youtube or any other media such cds, dvds or other websites.
You can use this for get it on mp3:

Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. No sample pack!

Who they are:

wow. i guess this will become a tough experience for my flatmates. :D (this is music my ex-brother-in-law listened to in the mid 80’s.)

Hope everybody is getting on with this one OK and the weird running times hasn’t thrown you all off too much…

i don’t mind the tracking schedule, but i do mind the sound quality on that youtube video. seriously, i don’t mind bad quality but that shit is almost impossible to listen to. it does open up possibilities for very lo-fi sample-harvesting though.

It’s not supposed to be limited by only the video shown above. You can choose any video by Companyia Electrica Dharma or anything that resembles it.
Thank you TheBellows

Yeah it does say any of their music you can find, be it from Youtube or other places. Obviously I can’t condone anything illegal but maybe raiding parents/older alternative friend’s CD collections could be an idea ;)

oh, i never thought i could only use that video. i just watched that one to hear what Electrica Dharma sounded like (never heard of them) and found the quality to be absolutely terrible. i am aware that we are not restricted, and we can use anything we can get our hands on as long as it is by Electrica Dharma. no worries :) it just occurred to me that if you want a way to get some lo-fi beats or crackle or whatever, that video is a good source because of the bad quality. and that’s a good thing, seeing how it opens up possibilities.

this shall be challenge; En Garde Electrica Dharma samples. ;)

Yeah I also thought it weird to select such a low quality clip as an example of who they are but I didn’t choose it ;)

Companyia Elèctrica Dharma is the correct band right?

I would say so as the video in the first post is actually labelled Elèctrica Dharma and a quick Googling makes it look very likely.

I don’t set the rules so the those are copied as they were sent to me by beat Fuhrer.

Thank you kazakore!
I’m new to this and i have a couple more questions, where do i submit the file, and in which format?
It would be easy to cheat if submitting an mp3, so i guess you want a renoise file, but could you explain how/where to submit?

Nice to see a new face here!
Well, you upload your entry to some webspace (anonymous, no soundcloud) and PM the link to kazakore. (Make sure you delete personal meta info from MP3s and comments from XRNSs). Happy tracking!

Thank you! :)

I’m working on it now, it’s a difficult task, but i hope i will finish it in time.

Sorry my fault, I forgot to copy the Submission part of the rules.

Submissions have to be my Private Message to myself.

Any format is acceptable, preferable is a 320kbs mp3 or similar plus the .xrns after removing all unused samples, but as long as I either have the audio in some format (although I’ll usually compress a wav to at least flac to save some pack space when uploading) or the project file it will be accepted. This also allows Demo users to enter, who can’t render their output, and in this case I will render, convert to 320kbs mp3 for adding to the pack unless specifically requested otherwise.

it’s all done for fun, sorry if it’s a bit slack on the organisational front at times ;)

I’m just here for fun too, so no worries. :)

Also, if i cut out a tiny sample like a single waveform and loop it, would that be considered cheating?

no, that would be considered creative.

as long as you do your work inside of Renoise using all of the possibilities Renoise natively has, and using only the prescribed samples, you are fine. so, Renoise allows you to loop a microsample of an Electrica Dharma song, go and loop it! Renoise also allows you to bitcrush and distort the hell out of whatever sample you have, maybe leaving you with nothing more than a click, which you can use for a hat, and that’s fine too.

good luck!

OK, i’m quite familiar with most of the features in Renoise, so this opens up some possibilities.
Basically this means i could draw my own samples, not that i’m going to do that, but it’s a feature in Renoise. :rolleyes:
I was just afraid i disqualified if i made something that doesn’t resemble Companyia Elèctrica Dharma at all.

Good luck to you too! :)

i’ll just come out and say that i have decided not to compete this round (i know, i know, i didn’t last time either!). not because i dislike the challenge, but frankly because times are quite busy, and i feel like making something ‘of my own’ this weekend (i only got the weekends for music), so no mandatory samples or whatnot. sorry!

Oh my! I think I’m taking the DDRC to a new all time quality low this time! :D

Really folks, it’s so damn stupid what I have here right now, it hurts. I recommend a lot of vodka with it. Yeah, that’s it: make your girlfriend (boyfriend) visit her sister, get seriously pissed, crank up the volume, and that song is fantastic! DHARMA Suffpunk pogo!!!

I hope this will never be associated with me in the future… But that’s what project names and monickers are made for, right?! :P

Oh well, still 36 hours left…