Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 21

Well it’s gone midday and only one entry in :(

Should I announce the winner or should we go for a delayed deadline again?

wow… I knew that it would require more work than usual. I had to make my entry in 12 hours, instead of 4 or 5 hours as usual, because of the sample pack that finally drive the composition to a hollywood-like classical film music score… what is a typical genre, and if we’re good at doing electronic music, we’re probably a bit new when performing the film music genre itself… what implies lots of explorations and mistakes…

If üav needs a few more days, let’s say… 3 days (?), could it be finished then ?

I need a week at least i think.
I want to do this, but i’ve been so busy this week, new job and i was away whole weekend eating liberty caps in the woods. :P

I’m still AFK in Berlin for a while (only my GF’s tiny old notebook) – can’t do much with this, it’s too slow, lacks RAM, so there won’t be an entry from me, sorry. [Can’t even try a bit of the new minecraft 1.8 … :( ]

I miss living in the countryside and going out for autumn walks and coming back with a bag of goodness :(

Oh and in ways prefer to do whole week extension, although am flexible and would probably extend voting if it was a shorter extension as am pretty used to the Thursday-Thursday setting things up, voting etc etc ;)

I live in the countryside between cows and chickens.

One day, a chicken looked at me for around 3 hours.

I live in the biggest city in Norway and i just go down to the nearest churchyard. Found about 8g of liberty caps (dry weight) in an hour or so and probably going back for more. :D


The more worrying thing is you obviously looked back for just as long :P

Did you finally win the staring competition?

One of the great moments in my profund life ha ha ha. BTW there are some monks that do this kind of exercise but with human beings. They say that if you’re able to see someone in the eyes for a long time and stay yourself with a living and bright eye, it’s a sign of wisdom.

I have enough ram for 1.8 that’s why I have not enough time for this competition :P
I’ll manage to finish mine if I can have an extra week!

The Man Who Stare At Chicken ^_^
3 hour epic movie!

my schedule is like 12hr days…so by the time I get home i’m way to tired to track (also why just toss something random together that I really didn’t try on and call it an entry) and on weekends I just sleep. idk if I can submit anything this round or any of the upcoming rounds at the moment unless my schedule/body permits.
sorry mates. I look forward to hearing results though. My absence is only temporary : /

Well unless Kurtz voices an objection, as the rule setter for this round, you guys have an extension until next Thursday :)

no objection at all :rolleyes: I’m sure that the quality of entries are even better with a little bit of extra work time :rolleyes:

Hey all :unsure: has someone finished something ? :huh:

I’m still struggling with it, hope i can finish something today, but i can’t guarantee it.
I’ve been so busy lately that i haven’t had much time for tracking. I really like the theme and i hope i have the time to do something decent, but now it’s still very unfinished.

It would be cool, otherwise, there will be nothing but one track to vote for…

After a week extension still nobody else managed to get a track in. :(

But if we can all give our congratulations to Kurtz for his entry and this entry in a round which turned to be one of the hardest to realise so far!

Download his entry here:

I was worried this might happen when I had no messages over the weekend so have already got some new rules ready off him and will put up rules and sample pack for the next round once I’ve had a late breakfast/lunch :)

Just listened now (don’t like to before voting should start in case I actually do work on one myself so I don’t get inspired by other people’s tracks/get an unfair advantage.)

Very impressive one the whole! Missed having your own voice in it though! :P Do you work making parameter adjustments in the Mixer? Noticed you seem to have all DSPs fully expanded view. Also only listened through laptop speakers so can’t comment on too much but general feel but there was a couple of moments in the first half I wasn’t sure the chords quite fitted right. Not anything I could put my finger on…

Overall has the sound and atmosphere of a sci-fi/space battle down perfectly though. Much kudos mate :)