Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 21

Sadly only one entry this round, even after an extra week extension. But can we all congratulate Kurtz on a job well done.

His entry can be found at

Deadline for entries is 12noon UK time Thursday 22nd September.

Tempo: Any
Genre: Sci-Fi battle scene score/soundtrack
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: Only the instruments provided within the template song to be used!
Additional Rules: Provided instruments only. Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except Draw and Render To Sample (expect for CPU/Freeze reasons.) Line-In allowed for recorded of your own vocal samples only.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Get your template song here (although think of it more as a sample pack with everything already loaded. Many are multi-sampled instruments so look properly when first checking them out):

From PMs between Kurtz and myself (first section is also song description but the rule for no Line-In has been changed to allowed recording of your own voice for dialogue.)

nice one ! I’m in for sure!

Was starting to worry this had no interest. I will try but have a feeling I will really struggle with this!..

Surprised nobody had tried to listen to and point out the example links were broken. Fixed now anyway :)

count me in :)

Post Competition EDIT : as you probably know why now all my megaupload links are dead. If you want to get the .xrns and check the song you can still grab it for free here : on my dropbox public folder.

Of course I’m in too he he hehehe.

A few tips (non obligatory but should help if you’ve got no idea).

To achieve the goals of this challenge, competitors will need a bit of organisation. Because there are several things in it : battlespace fx & background music or ambient soundtrack.

A) Sci Fi Fx.

You need first to prepare your sound fx. But, in a battle space, there are enemies. You’ve got to define 2 different types of sound fx for the 2 different opponents.
There will probably be human vs aliens. So you’ll have to define human technology sounds, and alien technology sounds.
And this challenge allow you to use your DSP Line in Devices, especially to make CPU starfighter “robotic voices” or “alien voices”.

BTW, do you know som famous robotic voices ?

  • Just play some few episodes of Battlestar Galactica (the old one), (the cylon voices were somehow interesting)
  • just have a look on old things, “forbidden planet” (robby the robot)
  • what about “dr who” daleks ?

Most of those voices could be reproduced with simple DSP chains, including of course the RingMOD and but also some other DSPs with very small delays & lots of feedbacks.

After that you should try to reproduce the laserbeam fx, the explosion fx, the starfighter fx…

B ) Background music / soundtrack.

If you’re good at making computergame music, you’re lucky, soundtrackers have been used for ages to make the background music for shoot them ups games. Check the CHIPS instrument. You’ll see that this one is composed of sub-samples of a SIN, COSINE, TAN, SQUARE, NOISE wave. Just copy and / or remove or isolate the subsamples and make new instruments with it. Be creative, use instruments envelopes. Frankly I could do the entire song and effects only with chipsounds.

For those who feel as talented as Hans Zimmer or John Williams, I’ve added a good quality 32Bits “classical” soundset that will help them to prepare a quite nice hollywood-like background score. Just check the classical samples, and loop them forward, you’ll see I’ve allready do the job for you.

If you don’t have time for hollywood music and just want to create “ambient music” no problem. It’s easy to make “cosmic pads” with Renoise. A “cosmic pad” is a pad with just slow phaser effects, with some BPM synced pink noises, and a few high frequency random blips (blips are made with ultra high and short sinewaves).

Anyway that’s the same thing as for sound fx, you should to prepare 2 kind of background themes, one for the humans and one for the opponents. The easiest way to start with the alien music is to apply a “modal change” on the humans music. But of course you’re free to do whatever you want on this point, if you want to make a new kind of Imperial Dubstep March with the help of classical instruments and robotic blips, that would be the birth of a new crazy thing never heard before.

Timpani are massively used for building up suspense and there is a specific instrument included of these (although I’m not sure if I just couldn’t find the right pitch or they didn’t sound quite right on headphones…) Used a lot in anything action, not just sci-fi. Often alternating of two different toned drums, getting louder and louder to build the suspense before it hits.

Did feel there was missing some large cymbals/splashes for the drums and build up though. Or did I just not see them?

I think it’s ORCH CYMB, after that the WHITE NOISE sample located in the CHIPS instrument can be used to create kinds of synthetic splashes. Tip : use ORCH CYMB backward with timpanis, I think it can work even better.

Ahh that’s not too bad actually, seems I did just miss it ;)

Unfortunately think I’m going to be too busy to actually knock anything up this round though :(

the xrns is a trap XD

Do you want me to provide a .zip file with only xrni instruments instead of the .xrns song ?

If yes, here it is :


not it’s ok, it forces me to tweak everything back :)


Ah deadline this Thursday already, time is running too fast, but i’ll see if i can cook up some battlespace tunes. :)

yeah that kind of orchestral composing is hardcore, it will require another week :)

I’m a bit late too. I’ve just finished the basic musical structures of the orchestral thing (squadron alliance theme, biozods imperial march, core reactor attack, & squadron alliance victory theme). My ideas are very simple, but dealing with orchestral instruments is not that usual for me and it took me approximatively 8 hours for now… I suppose I’ll need a complete afternoon to finish it before the deadline and add all the expected fx ( spaceships, laserbeams, robotized / drone voices)…

okay I’ve finished

So far one entry…

Contemplating a new clause in the rule: One or less entries in by the deadline and it’s automatically extended by one week. Try and make it so we don’t get the default winners and give people a chance if it’s a harder round, like a few have been recently. There are also things I don’t like about the idea…

Anyway you have 4 hours to get something in to me for this round to end on time.

Also been thinking of leaving the xrns submissions as compulsory for all rounds, rather than just the ones with stricter rules as it was in the past.

I will not have the time to finish mine sorry!