Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 22

I finished at 1:26, and i’m very happy with the result, quite brutal for me at least.
This was very easy compared to the last compo, just distort and go crazy with the samples. :P

Cool :) My entry will be finished tomorrow afternoon.

I’m having a lot of fun(*), but my results are really awful crap. But I will keep trying. Don’t know if this will result in a compo entry though.

(*) Whenever I hear stuff like Napalm Death, I can’t stop laughing, it’s just hilarious. Really not my cup of tea. :)

@effdeeka: yeah i have the same thing. can’t really take it very serious, and some of these bands taking themselves so serious makes me laugh even harder :)
you should check out Anal Cunt. 30-secs grindcore tracks with hilarious titles such as ‘Fuck you, You’re Old’, ‘I Took An Office Job For The Sole Purpose Of Sexually Harrassing Women’ and ‘You Own A Store’. basically, they make fun of everyone and everything, including themselves, as they also have a song ‘All Members of Anal Cunt Are Gay’. you can’t understand a word of the lyrics because it is all screams and noise :)

BTW when you’ll finish your own entry (if you want) you can translate the meaning of the screams in the matrix pattern’s “comment” section of renoise, it’ll help a lot.

I was laughing quite a bit during my tracking myself, it’s just a funny genre. :P
Submitted now and looking forward to see what you guys have come up with. :)

I find the genre funny too. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Especially when the track mood is very serious and martial… and when you read the lyrics you discover that it’s some non-sense.
I’m actually rendering my entry and I’m compressing it to a 320kbps .mp3.

[edit] finished & sent !
good luck ! :yeah:

You guys into the likes of Melt Banana then?

Oh, and only a few more hours to get your tracks in ;)

heeeya, Melt Banana rulez ! Globally their bests tracks don’t exceed 02:30mn. However the singer has a nearly pitch shifted-up voice, it’s not exactly “pig squeal”, it’s mickey mouse singing ha ha ha, funny punks.

Oh my, I’m really rendering! I know it’s too late, I don’t care, hahaha! Will PM the link ASAP.
Greetings, Napalm Pigfist DK :drummer: :yeah: ;)

Damage done.

Now playing: Bola - Fyuti. :walkman:

Thanks guys. Entries in and upload so grab your pack below and get listening :)

I think that in the end : the pig dies.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope so, no more suffering for the poor thing. :P

1 vote, that’s gotta be a record? :rolleyes:

However, there’s a true story behind the listening experience and that could fullfill every aesthetic expectations of large audiences.

Track (1)

  • it represents a dark elf that invokes a demonic spirit that will spit his dark pleague on the world, and the elf’s acolytes are dancing in circles around a red giant fire to prepare his arrival
    Track (2)
  • they prepared a pig for a sacrifice ; the feet of the pig are attached to a trunk ; but a few seconds before the final cut, the rope breaks and the shit scared pig runs and shits everywhere in the ritual place and finally escapes
    Track (3)
  • the dark elf and his acolytes are worried about this incident, when suddenly, an army of 150 living dead pigs come forth in rows and columns, they search for a revenge, and they finally attack the dark elf that dies trampled in the mud and shared between the most hungry ones.

LOL KURTZ! I can imagine a trashy short film made out of this, I mean like shot with mobile phones, the dark elf carries a notebook with renoise of course, etc. :lol:

@poll: Only one vote, not much… but I can’t make up my mind, and anyways as a contestant I’m not that eager to vote.

My computer is showing me there being zero votes :(

Don’t have internet at home at the moment, currently changing ISPs after a lot of hassle with my previous suppliers, so not likely to get the next round up and running on this Thursday anyway but PLEASE SOMEBODY VOTE! ;)

for now I can see just one vote :huh: … heeeee…

Well the winning entry of this round goes to no.2. Would of been happier with a few more votes but what can you do…

Congratulations due to The Bellows!

If you can get rules into my on such short notice I try and get the next round up before leaving work this evening, otherwise new round will likely be pushed back a week.