Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 22

Well voting is over and the votes are in.

Congratulations The Bellows! Truly deserved :)

Tracking time over so now to get listening and voting ladies and gents.

Deadline for votes is 12noon UK time Tuesday 4th October.

Deadline for entries is 12noon UK time Thursday 29th September.

Tempo: 160BPM
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: Beasts.xrni Instrument must be used.
Additional Rules: Length of track to be between 30s and 2min30sec in length. Renoise Song limited to a maximum of 6 normal tracks and 6 send tracks. Provided instruments/samples only. Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except Draw and Render To Sample (expect for CPU/Freeze reasons.)
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample/instrument pack can be found below. Provided by KURTZ this round:


appreciate the effort! but! ‘dead dog’ imo is such as poor name for a compo! kinda hate it to constantly see the word dead… :! (i dont want to be confronted with mortality just yet you see :D )

anyhow, perhaps more people join if its renamed to something like ‘happy dogs dancing on rainbows wo0f w0of compo’

what do you think?

I think tough shit!

i like it. but we wouldn’t be able to say ‘DDRC’ anymore, and i’ve gotten pretty used to that.

no seriously, i must say i am a dog owner myself so in the beginning i had a bit of a problem with the whole ‘dead dog’ thing, but i don’t think a namechange would do anyone any good. but hey, the name is not mine, it is Kazakore’s, so he has to tell you what he thinks of this.

:D ahead of me

That was a quick reply why I grabbed some pictures of Facebook and uploaded to where they can be viewed by all.

Any Dead Dog Disko is the name of my soundsystems and has been for quite a long time and will not be changing. When initially starting the competitions I was hosting them on my webspace (which I should start doing again really!) and couldn’t really think of another name at the time, so went with it and DDRC does roll off the tongue quite nicely :)


Get a lot of compliments on the name to be honest :P

haha fair nuff… i could try no? :D

awesome painting btw, you made that?

btw, dead dogs dont shit ;]

Nah my partner in crime, Tokie, is the artist. I’m the technician/engineer and money-man :)

the guy in the sweater has a pretty weird face, all orange and shit.

Same here. We have two dogs, and a few weeks before DDRC started, the dog in my avatar (her name is Benson) got breast cancer. She’s old and got various other severe illnesses, so I expected her to die before last Christmas. Of course you’d guess I had a problem with the dead dog name, too, but anyway, it’s just a name, and I started to participate. Without this personal context, I’d even say the name is pretty cool.

After 21 rounds, or two thirds of a year, I say a) the name should stay please Dee Dee Urr See and b ) the dog is still alive and chasing cats & mice & everything! :)

OK, the proposed new name isn’t bad, I like it, but I’d prefer a double rainbow! ;)

@effdeekaa: i had no idea that animal in your avatar was a dog. i thought it was a donkey or something. sorry about your dog man.

i’d take a double rainbow over a single one any time.
‘awesome dogs dancing&tripping on double rainbows wo0f wo0f compo’

i had no idea that animal in your avatar was a dog. i thought it was a donkey or something. sorry about your dog man.

Haha, no, that dog is more like a monkey than a donkey, still running and jumping around like crazy most of the time.

Now, let’s see how to tweak some piggy pig samples. I’ve been off for quite a while, I don’t know if I can remember the renoise GUI… wink.gif

Okay, what about :

“The Living Pigs Renoise Competition”



I don’t like the word ‘dog’ nor ‘pig’. Plz change it.

I’m actually working on my entry for this round.

As usual, I want to track it quickly and have to know precisely what I will do if I don’t want to lose too much time in bad choices and mistakes.

Maybe, you’re in the same situation.

Maybe, it would be interesting for you to check this documentary before you start anything.

It will help you to see a bit better a possible (but non obligatory) way to introduce howls & pig squeals, double kicks & blasts in a musical track.

I think that you understand that the samplepack is basically grindcore-oriented.

But is it possible to perform a grindcore song through a tracker like renoise ?

Everybody say that trackers are good at doing electronic music but aren’t made for “metal music”, especially underground metal music, and some sub-genres are too “instinctive” to be executed through a musical programing interface.

I’m very curious to know if the spirit of metal could go through this kind of round.

I have made some kind of stoner doom metal or something with Renoise a while ago and i’m probably doing some more in the future, this is the one i’m most happy with:

Made entirely in Renoise using Guitar Rig and my lovely Ibanez Blazer. :)

Hey TheBellows, yeah, :drummer:
…this one is cool. I particularly like the strength of your guitar line after 1:57.

BTW, as we’re not allowed to use our own riffs sampled via the Renoise internal recorder, the sample-based-emulation of a guitar player sensibility, could be one of the most interesting thing to program in this round.

I know it’s not strictly “metal” but try telling Skinny Puppy that :P

Also check some of Hunz’ stuff ;)

Hehehe Skinny Puppy rulez ! (Hunz too btw). I only hope my words will be provocative enough to let some renoisers express their “metal” state of mind and go beyond cliches. I’ve made some simple tests without recording anything this afternoon, and realised that lots of different heavy metal sub-genres could be represented through this kind of round ; for example, if you use the slap bass, lower pig squeals and a bit of groove (in the groove settings) and if you increase the volume of crash cymbals, okay, it’s closer to grindcore. But if you use high vocal frys, double kicks, and lots of reverbs on the saturated/distorted/shifted guitars that’s closer to the “black metal” thing. If you use more synth basses (no slap), melodic things through leads, used as keyboards, and the synthetic drums, a binary tempo with not too much breaks or groove, it’s closer to the industrial metal…

Thanks KURTZ, i’ll see if i can manage to make some without my guitar too, but just as last round i find that time is an issue i’m afrais, why couldn’t the Dead Dog Renoise Competition be my day job? :P

Edit: haha this is gonna be brutal shit! :D
Think i need to play some counter strike to calm down. :P

Yeah, it should sound a bit brutal. :yeah: And this time, "short tracks’ are welcome. You can release a 30s song if you want. Remember the early Napalm Death productions. They were sometimes even shorter ha ha ha. Of course I’ve extended the total track duration, but, with that kind of rule, psychologically, it’s easier to release “unfinished works”. Because it’s better for a competition to get more than one entry… ;)