Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 26

If you want to resubmit a more finished version by the deadline tomorrow you are welcome to.

Cheers, that can be my project for this evening then. :walkman:

I was aware of the official ddrc deadline… but I’ve got my own deadline, because I had to take my car and go to work app. after 06:00AM, until 19:00PM… so it had to be finished very quickly in the end…

A fucking car just crashed into a building next to mine when I was home for just 30 seconds. But I still entered. It’s crappy but hey, crappyresynthcore ftw right?!

I have to get up in 3 hours :(

edit; I just walked where that car is parked…

Shit td6d but at least you’re OK :)

Sorry about slight delay, left work early as seem to have spots/rash on my arm are due to an allergic reaction to my new coat but wanted to make sure it really isn’t something contagious (although I didn’t actually manage to see a doctor anyway but at least I’m not spreading lurgie at work.)

But anyway, just dropped in to say best turn out for a few rounds and pack is currently uploading ;)

And the pack ;)

Wow guys… that’s a quality round we’ve got here :yeah:. Lots of sound research, cool ideas, and techniques. We should ask mxb to add our .xrns compo files within his tool package ;). They could be a cool example of the way to use this excellent tool.

I tried, but failed. No submission from me this week, but good to see some more contestants than the last few rounds. :)

Awesome entries folks! I have my favourites, but can’t make up my mind yet. Voted.

My entry? Crap crap crap crap really awful crap, sorry.
Anyway, it was fun fiddling with ReSynth a bit more in depth, and I learned quite a few things about sound synthesis. Being on my own, I never would have the discipline to learn all this.

Really good entries here.

Anyone mind if I take some instruments from the songs (with attribution of course) to include in a potential ReSynth preset pack?

Why would anyone mind, mxb? ^_^

when votes will be over feel free to grab my xrni resynth instruments & even the associated xrns track if you want :walkman:

Mine too ;)

Haha sure! Although most I made are not as cool without the --------------------- FX chain I gues… :P

Wow! Busy day at work today (and looks like it’s going to be worse tomorrow) so never got around to checking and announcing the winner but from looking not long ago it seem no.1 has stolen it with a fair few votes right at the last minute!

Congratulations E.H.V.A.H. SDC!

Please try and get me rules as quick as you can so I can start next round on Thursday :)

1. E.H.V.A.H. SDC
2. td6d
3. Dunks
4. Kurtz
5. Vastique

Yes ! :yeah:
The N°1 track showed a new cool scratching technique, used with style and precision, it deserved to win ! Congrats to E.H.V.A.H. SDC !

Congrats E.H.V.A.H! Deserved it! And was really fun participating for the first time. Can’t wait for the next compo!