Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 30

Doh! :(

Hmmm, how am i supposed to pick only one? :walkman:

It had bass and two step snares and everything. Well it was unfinished either way, kind of fuckd it at the end (I wanted to do something with that piano sample) but it had its moments I guess, lol.
Here it is, if anyone gives a sh:

1st one, that tune is fun! But fuck those vocals. Drums and that bassline/sawthing could’ve used a bit more inspiration though.
3rd one is nice, and good use of the vocals (not too obvious!).
4th one it’s sad everything is so overly loud, loses a lot of depth, sweet ideas floating though!
5 is really cool, get dragged into it with its long length and its mellow feel. That clubby drumloopthingy coming in every now and then, though I liked it, is maybe a bit misplaced.

Altogether I think 5 succeeded best at “minimal dubstep”… Though not next level shit, it gave me a good feeling.

I only listened to the mp3s, because I’m easily distracted by the xrns’s. They make my opinion biased when they just look cool. Heh.

Well I think you’ve got the Minimal Dubstep criterion down pretty well, good little piece, shame about the deadline confusion.

Can definitely understand this. Yet to give them all a proper listen but feel it’s a shame yours is missing. :(

I think i could have learned some tricks from vincentvc’s xrns, very nice production is it really no vst’s or anything? :rolleyes:

I got the same problem here on my side : there are too many potential winners :panic: !

In this situation I can just congratualate every participants : the DDRC is still at its best.

Too bad that I can’t vote for the excellent vincentvc song, nor get a look on the xrns. Even if I would not have mixed the bass this way (I think I would have injected sometimes more “razor distorsions” or “crisper wobbles” in it), the overall quality of this track is stunning, it’s one of the best and probably filled with lots unknown technical skills.

Then I’ve got two completely odd but somehow interesting entries, the 2nd and the 6th one.

Okay the 2nd song brutally stops, it looks unfinished, and it is probably unfinished ( ;)) but anyway it starts very, very well. The very first 54secs of the 2nd entry are truely promising, and should have prepared a crazy trip in a colored hallucinogenic mushroom land, however the tracks goes in a very strange suspense, then, the last minute of the track has no “line” (whatever it is, bass line or lead line, I expected something maybe inspired by… the begining of the song). With just a good filtered & distorted line on the top of the last part of the track, it could have totally made it.

The 6th one proposes something very conceptual, it’s like a study based on a curious usage of cycling or filtered cabinet simulators models. Going though a Boro jazz model, the AKWF_0099 sample becomes hot and raw like an electric guitar. After that, the track is maybe too conceptual, I think that it needs a little bit of “harmonic variations”, or a guitar-solo thing, for example, in the lead/bass section, especially when it becomes more powerfull.

I did’nt found that the lyrics in the 1st track really harm all its potential, because the best thing in it is based on the perfect contrast of the razor / acid bassline, and the sweet round lead line. Those 2 lines express themselves differently, but they dance together with a very natural feeling and a beautiful alliance. The overall result is charming and very relaxing.

The 3rd one is the closest from initial td6d’s idea: a “delicate” dubstep, and it’s a near perfect job. Even if the AKWF_saw_0009 sample once used in the mix, sometimes sounds more like a glitch/pop than a kick, the track is beautiful, with lots of contrasts, deep sounds, clear and punchy hits. It is divided in two parts, the fist one introduces well the mix setup, and the “minimo” part is a sublime moment, I particularly like the multitaped noises in track15 (strange usage of the begining of the “acapella” sample… but it works so well ;)).

Well, after these touchy and deep mixes, the 4rth track willfully blast its massive, cohesive and however harmonic presence. As vincentvc allready noticed, it’s more a stunning “in-your-face” solution than a “deep & delicate” expression. Extremely timestretched, pitchshifted (0SXX rulez!), and randomly tweaked, the provided sample loops bring some very interesting crisp mechanical madness to the dubstep tempo. But what I prefer the most in this track, is how the filtered multitap device, in the “keyboaaard” section, completely drives the melodic expressivenes (btw we can really say that this multitap device is the good and unexpected surprise of the last 2.8 version).

The 5th one is indeed the most “minimal” song proposed. It’s a long track, somehow nearly hypnotic, due to the dubstep tempo, but it’s never boring, because the dubstep tempo let lots of spaces, that are used to bring other rythmic dimensions that are a bit groovy, a bit jazzy, with setback percussions, and hit-hat/shakers mastered perfectly. Hey, we’ve got a kind of fusion/crossover here, I particularly appreciate it. Maybe, the ARP system should have been avoided, or replaced by a kind of (reed?) organ emulation, but it’s a minor point, this track is very good.

It’s been 3 times that I replay the whole tracklist, without knowing what to do, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t vote immediately this time.

Nice job vincentvc! Enjoyed most of the other entries as well, I see now I didn’t quite have the feel of the genre. Oh well, I had fun anyway! :)

thnx for making me feel more stupid guys! :wub:

here’s the xrns. a bit messy.

I’ll say it again: Sweet track! Thanks for providing the xrns. I really think you would have had a very high chance of winning if you hadn’t of been confused about deadline time and had thus been included in the vote pack. Really sorry about that :(

Also sorry to everybody for being so slack on the Soundcloud front recently. No excuses, I’m just lame!

Well voting is over ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Filename is “UAAR - Canenero” of the original, let me check forum name from my PMs and update here shortly…

Congratulations Entropia!!!

Think it was my personal favourite out of the selection for voting, would of been almost impossible for me to choose between it and Vincent’s if it had come down to it (I only ever vote if it comes to a tie-breaker.)

Hope you’re ready for more in a couple of days :)

Just noticed I made a bit of a fudge up and didn’t announce deadline for voting. I seem to be getting slacker and slacker… Hope this oversight on my part didn’t prevent anybody from casting their vote in time. Sorry chaps and chapesses.

Full entrant list:

  1. Myoozak
  2. The Bellows
    3. Entropia
  3. KURTZ
  4. Bitordaros
  5. Kazakore

Also wanted to say thanks to KURTZ for his comments. I wasn’t going to enter, each time I started I got distracted by scripting and didn’t have anything I was even vaguely happy with. Deadline had got pretty close and I only had one entry in so I chucked when I had in a timeline with a little automation and just rendered it. Surprisingly we got a fair few entries right at the end but as I had rendered it I decided to leave it in anyway. Have to say I was very surprised to actually get a vote as I felt it was very weak personally. An OK idea in there but really not fleshed out in the slightest. (PS that bassline actually worked in the 7/4 version I originally started trying to do ;) )

Grats! But isn’t Entropia technically breaking the rules by using rendered selections (instrument 12)?

Technically quite possibly yes.

That rule is only really there to try and force people to leave their working in the xrns so other people can learn from it.

Also we have no evidence that those resampled parts didn’t use an exhessive DSP Chain, which meant resampling was needed to free up some CPU cycles, which is allowed by the rules.

We do try and persuade people to keep the patterns where resampling was done from and give them a suitable name (the new reordering of the Sequence makes this a little harder, although any patterns with data in are still kept starting from last patter number plus two (there is a blank on inbetween.)

But at the end of the day the competition is ran for fun. We hope people will stick to the rules as closely as possible but enforcing them with an iron fist is not our aim.


That’s awesome!

Totally unexpected. Thank you for the great compo and obviously for voting my track

I’ve tried keep it as minimal-sounding as possible and i had a lot of fun making it. This was my first entry but i think i’m goin to partecipate more often in a compo not just because i won this, rather because i’ve learned a lot of new tricks thanks to limitations and looking at your .xrns files

So a BIG THANK YOU to all the entries and to Vincent for posting his work

@Kazakore i’m thinking for the next compo… pm is on the way!