Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 30

Voting is over, time to announce the winner!

Massive congratulations are in order to Entropia!!!

  1. Myoozak
  2. The Bellows
    3. Entropia
  3. KURTZ
  4. Bitordaros
  5. Kazakore

Am I right in thinking this was your first entry?

Please get rules for next round to me asap :)

Tracking time over, get listening and voting ladies and gents!

Stunning 6 entries this time. Good work my friends! :D

Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Thursday 19th January 2012

Tempo: Fitting to Genre below.
Genre: “Minimal Dubstep”
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise except for: Draw Tool in Sample Editor, Line-In Device, Rendering Selection for purposes other than reserving CPU and no Tools that do off-line processing or sample creation (EG RubberBand or ReSynth.)
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample Pack:

Realised I have forgotten to push for a rule I normally try and enforce for the setter of the rules if there is a specified Genre. Namely that they provide three links which illustrates the kind of music they are referring to so that people have a reference point.

From the earlier discussion I think it’s more aiming at anything other that brostep, heavily bassline compressed dubstep. Try and think about the space between the beats/sounds as being as much as part of the music as the beats/notes themselves. Try and get some dynamic range in there, rather than having it heavily compressed to all be the same level.

The 2-step influenced stuff will often lean towards this way (although personally not quite so up my street) as will much other.

Few examples from myself, trying to cover a fairly wide spectrum while still feeling close to Minimal to me. Hopefully td6d will show his face soon and say if he agrees and add some of his own to the selection.

Distance - My Demons (think this is the kind of thing he is mainly hinting at.)

D-Formed - Wormhole (I wanted to use Noize Creator - Chainsaw Dub here for heavy but minimal but couldn’t find it.)

Monkey Steak - Lighthouse Dub (Pinch Remix) (Something much more Dub influenced.)

Couple by Point B on BandCamp. First one I think is lush although maybe slightly less “minimal” the other is closer to the 2-step vibe with a few cuts and glitches.

Oh and anything by 2562 or Martyn. Although not my kind of stuff personally…;

I’m going to give this a try, didn’t have much time for the last few rounds, never really made/finished a proper Dubstep track before so here goes.

Can we chop up the samples and use the tiny bits to make new ones?

Does that break any of the rules described? Perfectly reasonable and allowed :)

Sounds fun! :)

Alright, I’ll give the same example as in the previous topic:


Just, lots of dynamics, silences, crisp sounds. Anything that comes to mind when you think of “minimal” and “dubstep”.

I already struggle with keeping it minimal, but at least there are some dynamics left. :P

Somehow in my head i have been working on this for the deadline tomorrow, but of course there is no deadline tomorrow. :rolleyes:

Whole extra week this round (well not really, but extra from tomorrow)! :)

Which is good saying I haven’t even loaded the pack into Renoise yet… :wacko:

neither do I :lol:

I liked the sample pack, but where is my crash? :panic: :lol:

Looking forward to my first competition! :w00t: I’ve never even heard of minimal dubstep, but I think I’m getting the feel of it…

Hmmm, just started tonight, and it’s already far from minimal, so that’s going to take some restraint. :)

Minimal is a state of mind man :walkman:

Sorry I realise I missed doing a random selection from my xrni instruments folder, which usually results in at least one drum kit (and not much good from the random loops this time either.) All working with the same restriction though (and I hope others are doing better than me ;) )

technically this state of mind will lead us to use

1.“lots of mini-spaces or breaks”,
between elements of the music,

  1. hypersequenced effects
    (granual control on sound effects when something can be heard)


Well I’ve tried to start something twice and not done well on the music front. I have got a little more creative on the scripting front and this tool may in fact be fun to try using in this competition ;)

Strange tool :blink:, but it will probably allow crazy things :panic: ! Thanx !

I though I wouldn’t have a minute for tracking this week, thank god, I’ve found 4 hours of free time, let’s go !

EDIT : okay it’s finished, a quick done job as usual, PM sent to kazakore, good luck to the other participants.

Tracking time over, get listening and voting ladies and gents!

Stunning 6 entries this time. Good work my friends! :D

I will try and get my arse in gear to get this round onto Soundcloud. Think the account I did have expired though so may take a fair amount of sorting things out before it lets me put in own set and things…

ah shit i thought the deadline was this evening i had a submission lol