Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 31

Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Thursday 2nd Febuary 2012

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any - Monster Build Up
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise except for: Draw Tool in Sample Editor, Line-In Device, no installed Tools or user Scripts.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

*Please note the slight change from usual rules. Rendering Selections fully supported for artistic reasons, but no Tools allowed, rather than only those that actually affect sample data. Obviously this is impossible to enforce so it is a matter of trust you stick to this.

Build-Up example:

Sample Pack:

Interesting genre. ^_^ Count me in!

Don’t consider that video to be representative of genre, you can have massive build up and suspense in any genre of music!

EG the intro to this I would well consider a monster build-up ;)

Interesting competition, count me in.
But I don’t think that the Enduser tune is a good example for a build up. It’s more like a 1’30min long intro.
I expect a build up to be more uplifting, I think the keyword is TENSION (harmonic or sounddesign-wise)
like a string which is pulled very, very hard and even harder over time, but which never breaks.

So do we have to write a monster build up and/or the part where it dissolves and “drops” as well?


Godspeed You Black Emperor was my first thought:

Hmmm, the song cuts weirdly after around 3 minutes in and shortened down for some reason, the original is not like that.

Not sure if that goes as far as including Duplex. If any of you use it a lot during your composing that would be of major detriment, to loose quick access to everything via the MIDI controller.

Started a new job this week so wont be online with my computer around lunchtime to do the usual upload and update but I will get on it once I get home from work in the evening. I would say still aim for the original deadline although unlikely I’ll get anything done until at least 7pm.

Also haven’t had a chance to even start anything myself :(

Hope your job is a good one? Wish you best! ;)

I started something right away after the challenge was out, unfortunately I couldn’t add much more over the last days. Will finish what I have and just submit it on thursday. I found the topic a bit hard, my skills are not that good to actually create lots of “tension”. After 0 votes in the last competition it can only become better this round :rolleyes:

Finished and submitted! Yay, hope others also finished something?

Found another (a bit late) nice example that could be considered a “massive build up”:

Einstürzende Neubauten - The Garden:

Or (live):

It builds up a lot of tension and energy up until the very end.

I’m sorry, but there are no track on these parts, had to go to work the one day i planned to make an epic build-up. :P

Too busy!!!

Plus I’ve only actually received one entry anyway :(

Yea, I kind of can imagine that the new job can be stressful and messes up ones daily schedule. Take your time! ^_^

Suspected as much from the silence here. Now I will never know whether people like my track or not nooooo :panic:

So, hmmm…where were we? :P

I guess you won elmex, maybe you could just upload it and link it here?
Then we may have a listen and give kazakore some relief at the same time.

Seems like you’re quite busy these days kazakore, if you want a break i could kill the next dog for you.
You have worked on this without a break for a long time now and i don’t blame you if you need a break.
I would be sad to see my favorite compo die out and i’ve joined enough rounds now that i should manage to handle a dead dog. ;)
Just an offer/suggestion. :)

Sorry for not posting anything on Friday or over the weekend. I left it the first day or so to see if there would be any posts requesting an extension as would of been open to it but seems nobody was particularly keen.

If you wanted to take the helm for a round of two you could to The Bellows. What I just proposed to Elmex is that I will run the next round for a month of tracking, rather than the usual week, to give me a chance to get settled down with the new job and start back on a seven day fortnight shift, rather than the monday to friday I’m doing currently, while I get used to the new place of work. Not sure what you all think of that?..

Anyway here are the links to Elmex’s winning entry.



(I hope Elmex is happy with me providing original links.)

A month of tracking sounds like a good idea, then we should be able to deliver some killer tracks. :)

Edit: Very nice build up track there elmex, congrats!

Sounds fine with me, I’ll try to think of something nice and pm you when I have something. Thanks for spending your time on the competition! It helped me a lot getting used to Renoise, having a deadline and interesting limitations to work with to stretch Renoise’s capabilities. :drummer:

Yep, thats totally fine with me! Just would’ve loved to compete against some other entries. I wonder whether the cause of the few entries were real life timinig difficulties, the sample pack or the topic.

I started a song, never finished it, and forgot when the deadline was and thus missed it. Kinda glad I’m not the only one that didn’t turn something in.

Will have a listen to elmex’s song later. Interested in knowing how someone else used the samplepack. :)

Not had any rules through and quite a lot to do tonight (try and set up, sound check a mate’s sound system and teach them how to use their LMS) so not going to wait around. Will start the next round after work tomorrow, if I get no rules I may do it open or I may pull some from the dark recesses of my own cranium.

That would be great, I tried to think of something good, but I didn’t came up with anything better than an open round. So feel free to make an open round!