Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 35

Voting over and we have a winner!

[b]Many congratulations and jubilations due to KURTZ!

  1. KURTZ[/b]
  2. The Bellows
  3. Antilock

Sorry for the delay people!

Anyway tracking is over, time to get voting!!

Deadline for voting is 12noon UK time on Friday 11th May

Good luck everyone.

Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Thursday 3rd May 2012

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: Breaks from the pack below, randomly selected from a pack provided to the community by Ripley, plus any sounds you wish to create using the PadSynth tool created by Drakmaniso. EDIT: Rule addendum: participants are allowed to add one sample of up to 10 seconds.
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise except for: Draw Tool in Sample Editor. Rendering Selection only allowed for CPU reasons but please keep patterns used in a named section at the end of the song. Line-In may be used for recording your unique sample.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Breaks Pack:

PadSynth Tool:

Massive thanks to both Drakmaniso and Ripley!!


I’m grabbing the pack

That’s just my, trimmed down (35 kit) pack, not the full one provided by Ripley, so everybody will need to to take part. Either that or I could list the files in contains… ;)

If anyone need clarification on the various parameters in PadSynth, don’t hesitate to ask me (either here or in the PadSynth thread).

I can’t wait to hear what you’ll produce! Good luck to all.


  1. Can one add own vocals (aka write a song)?

  2. No samples allowed besides padsynth and the breakbeats from the stripped down pack?

Not in this round sorry. Good idea though, and if KURTZ (as the winner of last round and thus boss of this one) wanted to adjust the rules slightly with a post in this thread to the effect then I obviously wouldn’t be against it.

That is correct. Provided breaks and PadSynth only.

Can’t get into the Diablo 3 beta, so i might as well try to figure out this padsynth. :)

Edit: Hmmm, i’m a bit worried about the xrns growing too big with padsynths at 1 step and 8 unison, think i’ll have to moderate myself. :rolleyes:

You too ? ha ha ha. I just hope that my whole life will not totally end with the launch of the official D3. I nearly lost contact with the outside world when skyrim was released.

Might be worth considering .ogg compression on large instruments… ;)

True, the padsynth tool creates insteresing soundscapes but tends to dramatically extend the song size, I’ll probably use the bantai’s XRNIRipper Tool to release my track.

How do i ogg the padsynth samples?

I use

Does this work with 2.8 ? (Bantai mentions he got errors with 2.7, while someone else reported it worked with 2.7 for him.)

well I didn’t had to try on the 2.8 release for now :lol:

I have successfully started the .jar file, obtained some non-blocking error messagebox and sometimes have difficulties with some short samples, the software refuses to convert them to OGG without any real explanation.

It seems that sliced samples (instruments with markers) won’t be compressed. It has to be confirmed.

For linux users, I made a quick-and-dirty shell script to compress all PadSynth samples inside a xrns file (other samples are not converted, to avoid problems with slices). You need to have “oggenc” installed (on Ubuntu it’s in the package “vorbis-tools”).

For some reason I can’t attach a file to this post, so you’ll have to cut and paste the following code in a file (e.g. “oggxrns”) , and set its permission to executable. Then just do “oggxrns NameOfYoursong.xrns” in a terminal. This should produce a copy and not touch the original file, but PLEASE DO A COPY OF YOUR SONG BEFORE!

Hope this helps.

Edit: you can customize the quality of the encoding by changing the variable at the beginning of the script.

unzip -d TMP_CONVERSION_DIR "$1"  
for i in TMP_CONVERSION_DIR/SampleData/Instrument*; do  
 for j in "$i"/*PadSynth*.flac; do  
 if test -e "$j"; then   
 echo " encoding $j"  
 oggenc -Q -q $quality "$j"  
 rm -f "$j"  
name=`basename "$1" .xrns`  
rm -f "../$name (ogg).xrns"  
zip -r "../$name (ogg).xrns" *  
cd ..  

Doesn’t PadSynth use Slices for Unison?

No, because each voice has a slightly different sample (they use the same wavetable, but start at different points). This helps widening the sound.

Sounds good, i’ll try that if the file grows huge. :)

Ahh is that how you did it. I only read the thread, not had time to open Renoise for ages, and thought you might have done it with slices to vary the start point. Although I think pan, finetune (if you even use it) etc is per sample and not layer so you would have been very limiting yourself with that method (and thus why I didn’t use it in my old tool.)