Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 36

Dead Dog Renoise Competition #36

Deadline: Thursday 31st May, Noon UK time

Quote: “a creative mind can work with every sample pack, even if it just consists of 3 fart-samples. (rhowaldt)”

Rules : He shouldn’t have said that.

Tempo : Any

Genres : Experimental Fart-Core, Fartstep, Visceral Noise, Electrofart, Comedy.

Time Signature: Any

Compulsory Sample : you must use at least 3 Fart sounds from the sample pack below.

Additional Rules : Renoise only. Samples and Instruments from the pack below only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise are allowed, except the “Draw Tool” in the Sample Editor. The Line-In DSP may be used for recording your unique personal fart samples.

Submissions : Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample Pack: (KURTZ’s original download for me)

Examples :

Note: I changed the wording on Compulsory Sample rule to say at least 3 fart samples. You can see in the rules in the sample pack it says to use three but I assumed this was meant as a minimum.

Haha, i’ve been waiting for this. :P

I think we’ve reached a new level of insanity with this one. :badteethslayer:

btw do we define as usual a “one week” compo time ?

A perfect song to put in your portfolio. :D

Another good example of what to expect :

Damn! Somebody noticed my glaring omission :( For some reason it suddenly came to me this morning, on my way to work, that I hadn’t set a deadline in the first post.

Guess the usual week of tracking should suffice…

I just got the ultimate idea where to go with this, but i’m not telling you.
Not shure it sounds as funny in the tracker as it sounds inside my head, but if it does i’m shure i’ll beat you all this round. :P

f… I’m totally addicted to diablo, I even didn’t started anything…
okay : lets fart !..

Okay I’ve finished. :badteeth: That’s a fun thing :smashed: and it’s still “listenable” :badteethslayer:.

I’m sending the link to kazakore.

Good luck to the other participants !

Well I seem to have one entry in my inbox…

At work until 8pm anyway so that might give any eager bevers a chance to try and get a little something in during the interim. ;)

too bad :( come on guys, just try, you’ll see, this is funny ^_^

Ooops i forgot about this, the weeks just goes too fast for me. All i got so far is 1 pattern with farts covering a familiar tune…

If you need a few days more, I allow an “extended” week worktime for this round.

come on let’s fart !

I Fart In your general direction! Your mother is a hampster, and your father smells of old elderberries!

? how did you know it ?

Because that is my case so i just assumed it was everyone elses case too. :badteeth:


well btw since we’ve got one more week maybe should I reopen my .xrns and add some little changes in it…

While Monty Python may be good inspiration you need to get those fingers working! :P

Sorry I haven’t been online much over the last week and I didn’t bother to come on and specifically visit here as I have received no extra entries over the additional week that was given for this competition.

Well that makes Kurtz the default winner. Think he can pretty much be considered as the uberboss of the DDRC overall!

Anyway I’m going to take command out of his hands for the next round, which will be an extra extended edition to give myself some breathing space. Hopefully I’ll manage to get a new thread with the rules up today and it wont be too big a project to put you all off…

Oh Yeah: Kurtz’ entry. His original link to me as I’m currently at work. For the same reason I haven’t even actually listened to it myself yet either.

So there was only one entry? A real shame that I didn’t have any time to make an unforgetable fart-song…