Dead Dog'S Competition Tracking Times

So after some recently discussion I thought I would put it out there whether to keep the competition running as it has been for the previous six rounds, or if having a longer time to compose your entry would be better. I’m a bit split myself but the competition is for the people so thought I’d let you guys decide.

  1. Keep as is, even if slightly confusing at times.

  2. One week tracking, five days voting, couple of days to arrange the next round with the winner.

Thanks for all who participate or have an interest in the competition :)

as you know, i participated in the discussion a bit, and as far as i’m concerned, i quite like the short timespan. it gives the competition a certain amount of importance (this is not the correct word but i hope i get the point across anyway) so you put it at the top of your to-do list.

as i said before, i do see something in a break from the regular tracking time, but at certain intervals, say, each month tracking time is extended to a week or something like that. it might be necessary/useful/good to have some stricter rules though, as the time you get for composing is pretty much doubled. on the other hand, this might not be as necessary, as people voting may take into account that additional tracking time when casting their vote.

Sorry been ultra busy over NYE and stuff and not had a chance to check the forum since posting this.

Good point rhowaldt. Seems people are currently leaning towards a week but so far doesn’t really seem enough votes cast to feel it’s a strong proportion of people who have showed interest, even if not managed to enter regular, in the competition…

for now, i voted for ‘leave it as is’, because i like it the way it is. my option as can be read above is not included in the poll otherwise i’d vote for that of course :)

Man I’ve been busy! First day back to work since Christmas Eve and been pretty much non-stop. Nose to the grindstone as usual!!

Anyway, no matter how slim it seems to be, the overall consensus seems to be change tracking time to a week, so we’ll give it a go.

I will be starting rounds on Thursdays at 12 Noon GMT.
Tracking will then run until next Thursday 12 Noon.
Voting will take place until Tuesday 12 Noon.
This gives me to organise the next round with the winner by Thursday 12 Noon.

Slightly more simple schedule than before ;)

@kazakore: will you change the schedule on the website as well, or do you want me to do the HTML-shizzles for that? wait, we can remove the schedule, as it is simple as hell…

Give me a time when I’m not busy a f%$& and I’ll try and update the website properly. Hopefully my FTPing will start working without hanging all the time at some point… Renewed my server anyway, as it was due to run out this month, so now I know I am going to keep it I really need to get on with it!