Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 11

I’m sorry :rolleyes:

yeah, its weekend now so i’m composing again. just downloaded the 808-samples as i did not want the hassle of connecting my external drive for access to my samples. thanks!

Sorry guys, I had a bit of a drunken accident Sunday morning and it’s been pretty painful for me to even think about moving anywhere (took me about half an hour to get dressed yesterday so I could hobble down the shop to get some Ibuprofen and Savlon.)

Anyway am in the process of renaming and uploading now. Never got around to reinstalling the OS on my computer so I hope nobody has included ID3 tags as I wont be removing them this time… I trust that wouldn’t affect anybody’s vote anyway ;)

Finally uploaded! My internet is being almost unusable at the moment, quite possibly because I’ve been arguing with my ISP as they seem to think it’s reasonable to charge £1.95 per GB used over 45GB on an account which was advertised as being UNLIMITED. I even phoned and asked them specifically the terms of the Fair Usage policy before signing up and was lied to about how it works!

Anyway here is the link:

this is a better turnout than I expected!! ^_^
really cool tracks folks.

great tunes :)

Voting is over. Winner is no.4.

Files are on my external hard drive so I will work out and announce who that is when I get home after work (unless they want to come forward themselves.)

Well done and thank you to all contestants. I hope the winner knows the drill to get any rules for the next round to be asap (it will start at 12noon gmt this Thursday.)

See somebody has voted for no.2 since I announced the winner, although only by number, not in name. Afraid this time I am going to stay with my original announcement (almost said nothing and left until I was home to check and maybe I should of done…)

The winner is Beat Fuhrer, many congratulations mate!


  1. DubKidFlash
  2. Uav
  3. f+d+k
    4. Beat Fuhrer - Winner

Just realised I’m not going to be around my computer tomorrow, probably not much of Friday although will try and get something up then. At least it gives the winner a little extra time to get me some rules but sorry next round will be delayed a little too…