Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 11

Voting time over, the winner is Beat Fuhrer, many congratulations mate!


  1. DubKidFlash
  2. Uav
  3. f+d+k
    4. Beat Fuhrer - Winner

Sorry about the delay but voting starts now!

Deadline to get your votes in is Tuesday 5th April at 12 noon GMT

Get the vote pack here:

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any (??Leftfield??)
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: From video below.
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. Samples provided plus any 808 samples you have in your personal arsenal.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. Audio file accepted, preferably mp3 at 320kbs; other encodings and rates acceptable. .XRNS submissions also accepted, preferably alongside a audio file but in isolation only (allowing Demo users to join in.) Would be extra nice if people can provide both.
Deadline: 12pm (Noon) UK times this Thursday 24th March 2011.

Here is a mass of 808 samples I found looking through my collection. They may not be too good and I may of missed some I have but hopefully they will help if you don’t already have your own collection. Feel free to add more or search out others.

DDD808 samples:

Flac Final “D” 267 Final Destination (Another) [Super Smash Bros. Brawl]
HQ Mp3 176 kbps Final “D”
Basic 808 Kit wav TR808 Drum Kit

*Also some rule clarification:
“As far as left field I mean everyone should try to aim for the remix not resembling the original, but whatever they come up with is all good”

Have fun all.

if anyone needs to know how to sample youtube audio from that, try XvideoServiceThief (windows). works like a charm, can convert to mp3.

“am currently running from Ubuntu Live CD so was unable to do so.” :P

But one a more serious note does that program do it losslessly? Think I used to use FlashGet PlugIn for Firefox and then use something that will extract the audio from the .flv file but can’t remember what. This way you are getting the actual audio file that has been wrapped in the flash container (usually mp3) rather than it ripping it and you getting further degradation by encoding a already compressed audio file (cross correlation?)

Basically you want something that goes, this is a X type container, here is the Y audio thread, here is the Z video thread. Optionally Y1 audio, Y2 aduio etc and things like .mkv can store multiple audios (different languages, stereo and 5.1 etc.)

you can download it mp4, renoise open mp4.
I’m currently trying to have it lossless (I’ll share if it work)

I don’t understand the rule but I’m in!

I don’t 100% either but for the moment take it as you can use the original track, the provided samples plus any 808 samples of your own, and Renoise with all its features only to produce a track. Sure Dubkidflash will help with the finer points soon

I’d have to do some research on flv and mp4 etc but mp4 is again a container which can contain multiple file types and pretty sure flv can contain mp4. Thinking flv may be more a wrapper than a container… If Renoise will open the mp4 as audio, discarding video, then this is probably as lossless as you will get. Or you searching for something that hasn’t been compressed for upload? Afraid I’m too busy to do so myself today.

Yep mp4 is basically video+audio(AAC/MP3/PCM), flv is pretty much the same but made for flash and optimised for streaming I think. My youtube downloader allow me to choose between the two.

As both mp4 and flv can contain mp3 and aac chances are that no re-encoding is going on with the audio and it’s just repackaging it. If you can extract from the mp4 fingers crossed it’ll be identical to if you take it straight from the flv.

(Maybe getting a little technical for competition talk here… ;) )

well i obviously have no idea if that piece of software extracts lossless, but i don’t really care either. most times the audio on youtube is crap anyway, so i don’t mind it getting a little crappier. its just that if i want the audio, i want to be able to easily rip it, and this software makes it pretty damn easy. my wife uses it to download the videos as well, and they all look as good as they do online. good enough for us :)

DL’ed the video thief (thanks rhowaldt), there’s an option for “original” bitrate, which gave me 64kbps.

I found this one:
The webpage says it’s 128kbps, but winamp shows me some VBR above 160.

Actually I don’t care that much, too, I will leftfieldize (what?) it anyway… :lol:

A lossy flac ripped from the game is behind these words
I don’t know how musics are coded in Nintendo games but seeing that the full ost of this game in flac is 5Gb I don’t think the game has it PCM it may be aac, ac3 or mp3. Anyway that’s lossy than those shitty youtube videos.

Many thanks to Dubkidflash for providing these in PM to me.

Flac Final “D”
HQ Mp3 176 kbps Final “D”
Basic 808 Kit wav

Also some rule clarification:
“As far as left field I mean everyone should try to aim for the remix not resembling the original, but whatever they come up with is all good”

With a sample like that, the result is going to be EPIC.

Just two days left to go to get your entries in! Trust people have been having fun with this one :D

Man! I wanna do this one! Gotta finish my Seba remix first though! It’s due Sunday. I might throw something quick together tomorrow night though.

Well the good thing about this competition is there’s always more rounds. Would be good if you can get something in though ;)

@kazakore: in reply to your inquiry in the other thread, i had very little time this week. on top of that, maybe to the surprise of most enthusiastic people here, i did not really like the rules for this round, or the sample song. to each his own of course. so, despite the high standard i have set of competing almost every round, i decided to skip this one. i’ll try to be part of the next one though! and i of course look forward to listening to all the great entries, and voting!

Thank God the deadline is GMT! Please never change this rule, it always gives me an extra hour. :lol:
Uploading to webspace right now.

Been downloading tracks now (not having a hard drive in the laptop makes it hard to do so as I receive them) but currently is refusing to connect for one of the entries. Hopefully I’ll have it all done for you lovely people soon though. (And hopefully you all removed your own id3 tags as not sure what I can do it with on this distro but even if not I trust that nobody here would be swayed in voting by knowing who did what track anyway.)

rhowaldt: No problem mate. Hope you at least found getting your hands on some extra 808 samples useful and look forwards to your next entry :) Think by then I only had one entry in and if I remember you’re usually the first as you generally only have weekends to compose, isn’t it?

Oh and deadline is always GMT and it’s more I’ll try and get everything updated by then but if I end up getting up at 2pm and somebody got it in at 1:59pm I would still include it. It’s a target for me, rather than a strict deadline for you ;)

Well Fileserve still isn’t working and I’m going out very shortly so going to have to delay starting the voting. Sorry people and thanks for your patience.

Fileserve still isn’t playing ball, tried after shopping yesterday, before going out to meet some friends and trying now. Going out in an hour or so for the start of a three day bender stag do so if it isn’t done by then things will have to be postponed until Monday. Should that happen I’ll run voting for over a week (until a week Tuesday), starting the next round a week later than planned.