Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 8

Winner is Uav with DDRC8-1. Congratulations mate!

We have the entries in, please download the pack and vote for your favourite.

Been having a lot of computer problems so have created this pack on my knackered PC from a Samples back-up. Uploaded to Mediafire as it was easier than trying to find my FTP details and haven’t had a chance to check it unpacks correctly or listen through the samples before uploading as audio has completely died on this computer for some reason. I hope it’s OK so pleae let me know asap if there is anything wrong with it.

Sample Pack:

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: 3/4 (“Let’s Waltz”)
Compulsory Sample: None.
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. Samples provided only.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. Audio file accepted, preferably mp3 at 320kbs; other encodings and rates acceptable. .XRNS submissions also accepted, preferably alongside a audio file but in isolation only (allowing Demo users to join in.) Would be extra nice if people can provide both.

Deadline: 12pm (Noon) UK times Thursday 3rd of February.

Happy tracking.

Im having a feeling there may be more than one Thursday this February :) … Whats the deadline date? (First or last Thurs?) Thanks!

Thanks. Had noticed a strange letter where I must of hit wrong key but didn’t properly read it back to myself. Tracking time is exactly one week so in 7 days from now ;)

why should voting be ‘closed’?

Sorry it’s early and I didn’t even read my own post/rules properly.

I think, to come at the tracks and listen with no preconceptions at all, whether based on your thoughts of a poster from their content on the board or previous music of theirs you’ve listen to, then the only way is to not know who wrote each track when voting. I always announce which was whose track after voting is over. I think this is the fairest way and this will not be changed.

[s]You mean you want to see who has voted for each track? Or do I misunderstand you?

Have always left it anonymous as have in the past known people say they prefer not to have it shown who they voted for or seen things descend into arguments where people try and claim that votes x, y and z are all friends/trolls of a particular voter and thus shouldn’t be counted. Although I hope the Renoise community is above this kind of childishness having it closed/anonymous stops any chance of it happening. I am willing to consider having votes displayed publicly if it’s what people want…[/s]

That’s a good idea. I thought by ‘closed’ you meant something else entirely…

Come on guys, little over three hours to get your entries in. Starting to think expanding the tracking time may of been a bad idea…

Sorry for the delay, still not received my new hard drive for my laptop. Currently downloading entries and will rename and upload shortly. Hope there are no ID3 tags or Song Comments as running on a Live CD and I don’t know how to check and remove, if I can.

File uploaded. Quite sad only two of you managed to get pieces in again, even with a full week of tracking time :(

Nice tunes. :)

Wanted to enter in this one but for unknow reason i thought the deadline was friday… :rolleyes:

good stuff, good listening. had a busy week so did not compete this time, will wait for the next compo and see what i can do.

Winner in Uav with what I thought was a lovely, chilled piece. Good work mate. Please get any rules for next round to me asap.

Many thanks also going to f+d+k for the other entry and setting rules for this round.

Shame so few participants and barely more votes but what can you do?.. Once I get computers sorted I’ll at least try spamming the IRC channel again when rounds start, maybe that will help.

congrats @ üav! I like that weird tribal touch. Gives me a similar feeling as some of the songs from Peter Gabriel’s “Security” album. I will listen to that now. :)

Woke up this morning and realised I’m going to have to put the next round on hold. Currently don’t have a computer working from which I can generate the sample pack. I have a new hard drive for the laptop just haven’t had a chance to install it and then the OS. Will try and have service back to normal for next Thursday, so days are kept the same, just a weeks delay.

thanks :)

Rudimentary Windows installed and Data partition transferred across. Still to install all my software but it’s good to go to run the competition this Thursday. Still awaiting any rules from you though Uav ;)

goddamn you uav, why don’t you declare some frickin’ rules already!!!111!1!!!11???

(after my defeat in DDRC3, i’ve never been the same)

Wasn’t his fault we’re delayed, was mine for not having a working PC. If rules ever do not come in time the round will be open, as stated when I first started this competition.

i know. i just felt like shouting. glad you are (starting to get) up and running again. i always symphatize with people having PC problems, as it happened to me before and i know how much it sucks.

I hope you will participate to the next one rohwaldt, you have a revenge to take ! :wink: