Dead Geoff And Mister Thumbs: Renoise

Ok, so what’s the story behind this tune? Is this about Renoise?

Dopeness, whatever the deal is. Great tune.

Definitely about Renoise in the sense of a commentary on the state of digital audio. This was the first beat I ever created in Renoise and really got me hooked - I have been a dedicated user ever since. More recently I have been working in Ableton and Logic, but with the release of Reason 2.5, I am planning to do my solo album strictly on Renoise and release all the .rns to the public to see how I created it!

By the way, you can get the full album as well as other free albums by my labelmates at

The whole album is really good. Thanks for sharing!

New one!

Another one!

Sick and really professionally produced tune!

i like it!