Deaf Or Blind?

First I thought blind, because of shitty communication if you’re deaf and the boringness: no ambient sound, no music, etc. Being a musician and all, that’s kinda lame.

But if you’re deaf, you can still watch a screen, communicate over the internet or in non-verbal ways, etc. I’m also interested a lot in art, design, etc too. Being (or at least becoming) a graphic designer as well myself, that’s friggin lame too. Damn, so tough!

If you had to choose, what would you pick?

deaf all the time. much less noise.

I used to have such discussions with friends some years ago and I always prefered hearing over sight. Now that you raise the question again, I think I’d rather keep my sight, too. But can’t I keep both…? And loose a sense, like… taste instead…? Who needs taste these days? ;)

Cut your nose off, you will loose smell and taste for the price of one…

and a lot of acoustic hallucinations…

i’d cut my voice for the best. haven’t said anything worthwhile anyway.

You’d still have sweet sour salt tongue taste no?

Even though I would hate losing my hearing I’m picking that one because hearing is probably not that far in the future when it can be fixed.
Getting your eyes to see again seems to be much further on.

I would chose to lose my hearing if I had to, no question about it. I could never live without my sight - there are too many beautiful things in the world that I would miss, and so many daily problems that would be created by not being able to see. By comparison, there are not as many beautiful sounds that I could not live without, and being deaf would have a much lesser impact on my daily life and overall interaction with the world around me. I also have to consider the fact that sound can be felt in a variety of ways, so it’s not like that sense would be totally missing. It would still be possible to go out to a club or party, feel the sub bass kick from some electronic music against your body, and boogie the night away quite happily :)

But this is of course “cheating” on the original concept/question. The idea is that you would lose the sense completely and permanently.

Well, unless you were very aggressive with your cutting and went quite far into your head, you’d simply lose a big chunk of flesh and cartilage. You’d have some interesting new sensations when it comes to breathing, but pretty much all of the cells responsible for smell and taste would still be operating quite normally, safely positioned further back inside the head.

So, better to simply cut off the head completely, and take care of those pesky senses once and for all! :P

Watch the youtube video i posted…it’s a kid who senses by clicking his fingers…

Its a sad story, the boy died a year or two ago.

I’m kinda curious as to what scenarios that would force you to chose between the two… otherwise I simply cannot answer such questions, which makes me an epic fail in all higher education :unsure: :lol:

I used to know a guy that did the clicking thing to get around when I was a kid, he was a guitarist in the local church’s band and my parents always took me there on Sundays…Used to see him on the trains sometimes when going to school too. Instead of clicking his fingers he’d make a clicking sound with his tongue though. I think I remember that he lost his sight at age 1 or something really young to some disease (ie, not genetically predisposed) and taught himself to do it on his own… was an amazing guitarist to boot.

Rather be deaf than blind, losing ur hearing is nothing compared to losing ur sight.

:o wutt??? please post up any sources you find!

Not haven´t fucked up my sence of hearing music! :walkman: