Dealing With Bugs And Strange Happenings

i figured out a way to show you guys Bugs and minor Gui nuisances!

i had been looking for a cheap dv cam for a bit, n low & behold! the junk@!
they sell at the local drugstore!

after many times glancing over at the camera section,
(whilst in route to the caffiened isle) i decided to see if it was worth the 159usd.

it is worth it,
it lets me record my composite video running out of my ibook and graphics board!
it records to mp4 an has a cheap app for conversion.

so then, i went on the Internets! and then to their websites!

And they have the same one with lots of extra stuff!

so i took back the other one an am ordering from aiptek!

(yes i am completely serious)

Downloading a desktop recorder would give you a much clearer picture than a DV cam, but i guess you also want to record something else besides bugs.

Looks like a neat camera though. Dirt cheap, but only in the US I guess.


i do believe your right, it seems they do only ship continental us, it is a cheap device. im kinda looking for one that is a bit better, i dont want to spend much on one tho. ;)

i combined some footage just now using windows movie maker (of all things)…les/combine.WMV
im thinking i should maybe be looking for something a bit stronger, but for this price an amount of function, it might be the only thing available.

the 1st post was kind of a stupid joke, it can record from and play out to all standard a/v stuff which is something i was looking for, buying it from thier site, they include a remote, & a 1gig sd card (it has a 2gig sd card limit) , but for an extra 20usd they send a 2gig sd card, and they have this weird little waterproof box for another 20usd. all of this completely asking to be Modified!

im going to use it with milkytracker!

i was researching circuit bending a few years back an i saw someone was bending, these PXL2000’s ,

they record onto those cassettes, but the guy had did some Nioce work to them an gave ability for many crazy effects, the kind of effects not even implemented yet in modern cideo camera, it was basically on the idea of being able to edit your footage while recording it.

i have an idea that Aiptek’s MPVR, might just be a good way to make some crazy video footage. B)

after thinking about the whole purpose of this thread, i realize the version of renoise i am using compared to what is current and laden with unobtainium.
makes me realize there is no point of me pointing out these things i find…

Until after 1.6 is released! :P

at least now i will be able to communicate my findings, without trying to explain them whilst in the midst of a crimson mood! :drummer: