Dealing with "CC Pairs" and hardwired midi mapping

since i use a novation summit with renoise, following questions have risen:

Prerequisites: Renoise 3.3.1, Novation Summit connected via USB, no active midi mappings

  • when tweaking Summit’s “OSC1 Course”, Midi CC 14 is being sent to renoise which is happily received by the instrument editor’s Key-Scale option and therefore cycles through its various key options. this happens unintentionally and i have not found a way to stop the instrument editor from receiving this and other CC (CC15 & CC9 will also change scaling / quantization stuff). please let me know if i’m missing something here.

  • Summit supports 255 unique values for single parameters like “Frequency Cutoff” and sends CC29 from 0-127 and CC61 toggling between 0 and 64 for every CC29 increment, to end up with 255 different values. afaik it’s called “CC Pairing” and it seems that renoise will always receive the secondary “on/off” portion (CC61) of the pair, which in return ends up in a switch-like behaviour of the learned target parameter, which is of course not what i am looking for. is there a way to edit the CC61 to CC29 afterwards?

thanks in advance.

Just a quick thought with the first issue, have you tried the ‘Ignore specific controllers’ text box in the Renoise midi preferences?
IDK if you can input 9,14,15 in that box to try and filter those CC’s(?) (Unfortunately this is global though.)

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yes, that works, thanks mate. still makes me wonder why there is a connection between those CCs and the Instr. Editor in the first place tho.

Yes (can only speculate), I think those controller CC’s (9,14,15) are/were undefined from the ‘standard midi specification’. Maybe Redux is also influence in the decision to have those CC’s map to key-scale etc…IDK