Dear Renoise

Dear Renoise,
Please release a beta of version 2.6 so Daed can have something to get unreasonably excited about.


Indeed. I need something to get unreasonably excited about.

Please help my cause.

Please help his cause.

I think it is more exciting to wait.

It would be exciting to know some details about the update, maybe a partial or possible change list, a sort of tease, that would get us all excited (and maybe drooling a bit)

Did you stop drooling over the last update already?!

No, but it’s like a relationship, sometimes you need a bit of a tease to get your juices flowing…

The news about the tentative scripting/extension support with the release of the last beta plus the “Available almost immediately afterwards” that came with it kind of got me wondering when it was going to happen. I was always the kid who spent time trying to figure out what his presents were before he could even see the wrapped box…just saying…

Obviously taktik said too much in that 2.5 release text. It seems that the Renoise team discovered something “new” about that 2.6 release and judging by the complete silence about it, we can only assume that (1) they are still discovering new stuff, or (2) they don’t want to hype it too much, but rather prefer to operate in stealth mode.

The most useful release for me, the time when I was REALLY surprised because I didn’t see it coming at all – was the 2.1 release. The full ReWire support was exactly the kind of feature that made my production toolbox complete. It is still the only feature that I really feel makes an important difference to my workflow. My only hope is that scripting in 2.6. will, to some extent, make it possible for me to further improve on workflow issues.

Scripting to me is, secondary. I could care less about the lua scripting support, but apparently they needed it or wanted it* with the open sound control support, as they probably adapted the lua implementation of open sound control into renoise. It will more than likely be pretty cool, and inspire people to write some code to produce very interesting compositions.

Taktik I believe wrote something recently to the effect of 2.6 not coming around as quickly as previously disclosed. that means it’s going to be forever in minutes, a really long time in hours, but probably not too long in moons.

So that’s still pretty cool.

Well, for one thing i can say is we don’t want to release stuff that crashes easily yet is hard to debug.
Yes what we test is awesome but unfortunately comes with tears and frustration as well.
So currently that is now being done -> We bare the agony of loosing precious work so that you don’t have to go through that pain when Beta starts.

Taktik’s time schedule is exactly synchronized to Microsoft standard time (which is always ten times longer than it pretends to be).

I know what it’s like to feel pressured and rush things now, I don’t recommend it!
Like apple, can be as secretive as nameless organizations, yet lose a prototype in a drunken stupor! shareholders pressuring them to release the device, rushing them to show a bug in front of loads of critics.

Well…you know. I’m just impatient.

I’ve been known to download pre-alpha versions of software I was excited about from various version control repositories (CVS, SVN, GIT…what have you) just because I’m so excited about them…so I’m one of those people who’s willing to deal with instability.

Nonetheless, I do understand that this is a commercial product, so I’ll just have to wait…


I dont even have 2.5 yet

Go download it?

Rumors goes that 2.6 will only be released in february 2011, but it will support the B2R (Brain to Renoise) communication protocol.

In the meantime, you can use the existing B2F2R (Brain to fingers to Renoise) protocol, or the superior A2M2B2F2M2R (Alcohol to mouth to brain to fingers to MIDI-device to Renoise protocol).

I’m sure it will be done when its done


IS it done yet? ;)