Dearmiyagi - Hallucinations

Hey guys :lol: !

I made a song today, this is not a really advanced song, but for me it sounds good, if you have any advice, critics about it, let me know.

I started Renoise since 5 months and this is my third song, i’m inspired with Owl CIty and deadmau5.

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Thanks !

i really liked the beginning the middle and the end, they are great but the moment the part at 0:55 started i was a little bit disappointed.

i was so hoping to hear something much smoother, relaxed, chilled out, echoy. what i mean is, the synth that comes in at 0:55 is very heavy, has a lot of bass. maybe it would have been enough if you had made the synth longer, you already have an instrument that repeats the same chord a few times so you could’ve easily let it play longer notes but then it would be exactly like your bassline, which is equaly bad. but if you changed it up a little bit, added some effects and made it an octave higher then it might have worked. you already have the bassline, the kick and the chords that cover a lot of low to mid frequencies.
the string plucking sound could also be much wider, maybe with a hint of echo, just to put it more into the distance and let it shine.

at least that’s how i imagine it in order to keep the light flow of the song intact. it’s an interesting song nonetheless.

Thanks for your constructive comment !

I will work on this :).