Deattachable Gui Elements.

Please. We want deattachable gui elemnts in Renoise! For example - to deattach mixer window and put it on other screen (for dual display setup owners).
It`ll make our life easier!


…I dunno. I like everything on one screen. But getting what you want theoretically shouldn’t interfere with the good ol’ layout for everyone else.

All propositions for ergonomy are good to take… The team will decide at the end :)

Dragable/deattachable views can be useful (also suggested in the past), although I personally like current renoise GUI.

In the other hand, I think there are still ways to enhance renoise GUI without having to change its overall core. See this thread.

As far as I am concerned detachable means that you have the option to detach it if you want which should please both the ones who likes it the way it is now and also the ones who want to put it on another screen

Therefore this is an awesome idea. The more options for the users the better!


I would never use it other than if using two monitors, which I don’t have: having the ability to assign for example the insturment editor or the mixer to a screen would be great, but in a single window I would find it terrible (see for example MadTracker)

I agree.

What about having independent but synced views of Renoise; one for each screen?

renoise 4.0: server and client architecture :w00t:

actually now that I think about it

I think it would be interesting to have the bottom toolbar [song/inst settings etc] be able to switch to between the top toolbar to go inbetween that and the pattern editor. then it would look more like FT2!

Much like you can move the toolbars around in microsoft office apps and others.

De attachable like in Fruityloops?

Right, I think Renoise works because it is not like the other software. Lets not change it.

Rather, how about fine tuning the existing structure until it is f****ing perfect.

I basically have no real problems now, with Renoise. Everything I think that needs to be changed is a small fine-tuning issue, rather than a fundamental design flaw (we are standing on the shoulders of giants)

So, I think that detachable is a bad idea. It is a clumsy process at the best of times and involves mouse skills (ie you have to think about it).

I don’t see the logic in that (?).
People are different. Some use a laptop, some use three large screens.
This would of course be fully optional, and why would it involve mouse skills?

I would also like to be able to spawn several windows/sections , and each window/section have options to behave differently.

For instance you can rightclick the automation button to spawn another one, then you can have option to synch these two windows (always show same parameter in both). This allows you to have one window zoomed all out, and another zoomed in.
Other options are to follow cursor movement (will always center the zoomed in automation window to follow cursor) etc.

Same options for the pattern editor (when/if we get zooming in the future), and a piano roll, arranger etc.

The mixer you might wanna always see the master, or the sends in a separate window/section.
Or another section that always shows all parameter (minisliders) of the current selected track, etc etc.

All in all, a more flexible GUI, but of course, by default nothing will change. :rolleyes:

I personally would love to have multiple renoise desktops, idea of having sequencer with insturments on one monitor and mixer with plugins on the other makes me warm and fuzzy inside, you wouldn’t even have to detach windows just option to see “F1,F2,F3,F4” etc screens on multiple monitors would be great for me, one monitor for sample editor, one for mixer and one for sequencer… mm my dream studio :) also having 2 monitors with so cheap lcds isn’t really problem imo…

+1 from me

I agree with B-complex, multiple renoise windows :D like you’re having renoise opened twice on different screens but still the same project.


Proposition Dualnoise :yeah:

Sorry, got bored…