"track Dsps" & "automation" Panels Open Togeth

I’m sorry if this has been suggested before, I was thinking it would be nice to have the ability to open the “Track DSPs” and “Automation” panels together, so both can be seen simultaneously on screen. These two panels along with pattern editor are probably the most used parts of renoise, and are frequently switched during the making of music, also it would be helpful to visually notice the effect of automation curves on DSP parameters (of course this is currently possible using the mixer, but not as precise as it could be together with DSPs.)

Here is a visualization of this idea:

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:panic: … nice one!

hey … how about putting the bar with the buttons that is now in the middle near the top, and allow for everything to be toggled and vertically resizable - with optional scaling for pattern, sample, instrument editor (basically anything that can be made smaller/bigger without cutting anything or leaving unused space) and enforced (antialiased) scaling for tracks DSPs, mixer and instrument settings… ?!

And, say, right mouse button to change the panel for the last one you selected, instead of adding it (so you can flip back and forth between panels as you can now). Or the other way round, RMB to toggle panels on/off.


Many GUI improvements may be added in future, but I thought this one is easy to implement and useful for now.

Could you please host the image on another site? It is not available to me, it simply says “That file is not available. Please click the Back button to try a different file.”

Try a site such as http://imageshack.us

I think it’s a great idea, should be relatively easy to implement.
That should be part of a whole concept called “flexible gui”, means you can resize various windows and put them anywhere. Think about watching the pattern playing while at the same time tempering with the mixer. :lol:
Just a thought.

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on second thought it might not be such a good idea… :huh: I guess I’m a bit tired. but still it would be great to see the dsp and automation at the same time, next or on top of each other.

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:panic: ahahaah!! Johann, just saw your post… didn’t mean to copy! it might be a good idea after all! :D

Sure. I’ve editted the 1st post and re-hosted the image.

definately a good idea ashkan, especially regarding the fact, that our displays have grown in size throughout the years.
most people are using (widescreen) TFTs being at least 19" in size and thus offer way more space on the desktop due to increased resolution.
i guess renoise’s GUI has been originally developed for 1024x768 usage, nowadays the standard is 1280x1024 and a lot of us are using even higher resoltions (1920x1200 here), so there is a lot of space which could be used other than for the pattern editor i think.

draggable views would be the best solution here

And it is a good thought, I had imagined such a feature too, I only posted the “DSPs together with Automation” because it may be the most useful of all for now. See this:

Also I’ve always dreamed of this “Ultimate GUI Mode for Mastering”, with just the Track DSPs panel open:

All these ideas are based on the current docked kind GUI of Renoise. If GUI is gonna be enhanced in future like what dear It-Alien mentioned (draggable views) there would be no limitations for having different views at the same time. :)

All good…

I am interested how this will conclude…

this would be really nice. just imagine the possiblities.
i would like to have multiple (dual) automation- view or a bigger dsp- list like on your pics.

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“draggable views would be the best solution here”


One thing I was thinking about earlier as I was messing about with Renoise, which would work well with this idea was - what if the automation panel could be opened vertically beside the track which it represents in the pattern editor? This would make it possible for both the automation and effects to be shown at the same time & it would be quite an intuitive way to deal with automation.


Cant see the image

Well, it is from 15 yrs ago and a prior incarnation of the forum :upside_down_face:

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