Debian Linux Users Interesting Tracker

so there’s this program called cheese tracker (nowhere near as cool as renoise :yeah: ).

it’s an IT clone for linux and i’ve been trying to get it to work on my linux boot for a while with varying shades of successlessness. i recently switched to debian which has this cool feature called apt-get, which automates installation of software and handles depencies for you.

if you’re a debian user try running:
“apt-get install cheesetracker”
from the console.

it’s got some interesting features but i’d still rather be running renoise on linux. ;)



jack output, ladspa support, fluidsynth support…

yummmy… :D

Just a dream though <_<

At least today. And infact Renoise is the only thing for which I still have Win installed.

BTW, I use Mandrake :D

so ddspeed and i are the only linux users on the renoise forum huh?

Nope. Lots of others I believe. I have a dual boot and use (Debian) Linux for most university assignments.