Decay On Master Track?

How can I get a decay effect on the master track, so that the sounds in all tracks are shortened?
Help is much appreciated :D

Using the gate device? but i doubt the generic effect will sound nice on all sounds at the same time though.

Indeed, not what i’m looking for…

I’m not sure if that’s even possible, but you might try some granular plugins.

A new feature in Renoise 2.8 is the ability to put Pattern Effect Commands on the Master track and have them apply to all other tracks.

So if you want a ‘decay’ effect to apply to every note in every track, you have a couple of options:

  • Fill the Master track with Cxy commands, to cut every note to x volume after y ticks.
  • Fill the Master track with Oxx commands, to fade the volume out by xx amount every line.

Since these are pattern commands, they will of course only work on sample-based instruments. If you want to apply this type of decay effect to plugin-based instruments, then you’ll need to find a way to control the track’s overall volume instead.

One such method would be to use a Gainer device, with an LFO Device linked to it in order to control the decay curve. You could trigger the LFO’s reset on every line, or every note (via clever use of Velocity Trackers), or manually via pattern commands whenever you want the effect to happen.

Here’s a really quick (and very silly/cheesy) example song which demonstrates some of the techniques I’ve just mentioned:

i love sneaking around the forums…didnt realise this…sounds like a great way to glitch up tracks!!! Nice One!!