Decimal Tempo And Vst Instrument Effects

Hi all

First time poster and relatively new renoise user, though not new to trackers. My only use of renoise consists of adding backing tracks to existing recordings of acoustic performers. A great way of experimenting with the feel of a song, trailing different beats, bass lines, an ultimately producing a song that has a studio sound to it.

Part of my workflow is to add a tempo map to match up with the original recording. There are many changes in tempo that need to be done through the effects column. Is there some way to do decimals in the tempo this way? Often a full bpm is too big an interval, and I find myself alternating between two.

Second question, when using a VST instrument, is there some way I can get the effects/volume columns to do something useful? I use a VST bass guitar and it is a pain not being able to change volume on certain notes.


Fractional BPM values cannot be inserted using the effect column alas. So you can only do this manually in the bpm box (up to three digits, afterwards, Renoise shows a rounded two digit value, but the three digit value counts!).

Regarding changing volume values of the VST, the VST should follow the value of the volume send to the plugin when entering a note. I don’t know if your plugin allows changing volumes without receiving note-data when setting the volume value on the volume column (you still need to set the instrument number to have the volume value sent to the plugin!).
there might perhaps be a midi-cc command that allows you to change the current note playing volume, but if there isn’t, then there is also not much that can be done on the Renoise side, other than changing the channel volume. This however affects all playing notes, not only the note in the column that you want to affect.

Re: The velocity column on VST instruments have a look at this thread: