Decouple Renoise play commands from Rewire transport sync

Hi! I’m wondering if there’s any way to be able to push play from within Renoise (running as a Rewire slave) and have it play decoupled from the Rewire master transport (like in “BPM and Bar Sync” mode), but have Renoise fully sync to the master’s transport position when it receives a play signal from the master (like in “Full Transport Sync” mode). My reason is that I’m using FL Studio, which will not receive Rewire play signals from a slave, as the master application. Because of this, pushing play inside of Renoise when it is fully transport synced (which I want) does nothing, so it would be cool to have play function like it does in BPM mode instead. This would make it so that I can easily audition specific parts of the Renoise pattern I’m working on without having to go back to FL and alter the master transport position. It’s not a huge deal or anything, but it seems like it might be possible (since all you’d have to do is combine playback behavior from the two playback modes) so I figured I’d ask.