Decreasing Cpu Usage When Using Vsti's

This may be an obvious tip, but it helped out me a lot so I’ll share this…

If you, like me, have a pretty slow computer, especially when using lots of VST’s this might help: Go in on each VSTi and change the number of voices to just as many as you need. If you only use it as a lead melody it might be enough with only 1 voice (beware as VSTi instruments often have a sustain that overlaps the next note so maybe 2-3 voices is more suitable in these cases - you’ll hear the difference). I actually gained 10% CPU on doing this on 3 different VSTi’s. Of course this only works for polyphonic VSTi’s, and not all VSTi’s support this feature.

found this interesting piece of software that could be of help:

using multiple networked PCs to crunch those vsti! :yeah:

I’ve heard about that nice program some weeks ago on IRC, but some uses who tried it (i don’t) reported a desynch problem, because of different latencies, and because of the unability to set a time offset in ReNoise.

Have you experienced this? Found a solution?

Fxteleport uses a fixed (constant) latency.
So there is no workaround. You have to be able to compensate that latency in renoise… or just live with that delay.

nope, haven’t tried it out before. don’t have too many networked PCs to play with.

but it seems that ethernet latency is typically 0.3ms, which is pretty decent. considering we’re feeling 3ms as realtime… which is 10x 0.3ms - should be enough overhead for modern computers?

the problem is not the latency rather is the desynchronization due to different latencies between the network PCs.

If I have a PC with 50ms of latency and another with 30ms, if teleport needs 30ms to send data through the network, will sound be desynched?

this is what I’m asking.
actually I’ll probably never use teleport, I’m just asking this out of curiosity and to see if anyone could benefit of it.

me hero :ph34r: