Dedicated / external lua IDE on Windows

Can anyone recommend a dedicated/external IDE for lua on Windows? I’m of the mind to do some mobile programming using Corona as well as perhaps some playing with Garry’s mod.

I’ve got the lua for windows install, and it has Scite editor, but it lacks some real IDE features that are handy; intellisense, contextual help, etc. Would really appreciate a recommendation from renoise community about lua beyond renoise own editors.


BTW. I found LuaEdit but am looking for something more robust; ideally not an eclipse plugin like LDT (Not a fan of eclipse), and something simple straight and to the point.

LOL, nevermind. I’m a newb, the Scite has everything I need.

Hi grymmjack,

I recently added Corona support to my Lua IDE (ZeroBrane Studio: It’s also based on Scintilla, so it’s similar to SciTE in many ways, but it includes debugging features: local/remote console, expression watches, callstack with local variables, and more. The installer is only about 4M on Windows. There are several demos/tutorials and screenshots on the project website.

The IDE works with various Lua engines (from game engines to tools like Wireshark); it may also work with Renoise scripts although I haven’t tested that. If someone wants to give it a shot, I’ve posted instructions on how to get remote debugging to work:


Great work! I will give this a shot, thanks.

I would like to recommend Codelobster
It is free and very cure IDE