Dedicated Fx Columns For Note Columns

In short:

1.) no “track fx” allowed for note column fx columns (haha)
2.) “note fx” override “track fx” (so you can use “track fx” to set “note fx” for all note columns quickly, and still override it for individual note columns)

Before any of you go “oh nooo the sky is falling”, please do realize that if you want to keep stick your “note fx” into the track fx columns, you’d be more than welcome to, and you would notice NO difference.

the only “forced” change I’m proposing is restricting some fx to the master track… but then again that wouldn’t serve any real purpose, so just ignore that bit.


0cxx - Set track-volume
XYzz - Send zz value to parameter Y of vst/dsp effect number X
xF00 → Turn effect x off;
xF01 → Turn effect x on.
f3xx - Set trackrouting to channel xx
ff00 - Stop all track effects and notes.


00xy - Arpeggio
01xx - Pitch Slide up
02xx - Pitch Slide down
03xx - Set Channel volume (00 - ff) [[tho I have no clue what this actually is, maybe it belongs to track fx ]]
04xy - Volume slicer
05xx - Glide to note
06xx - Volume slide up
07xx - Volume slide down
08xx - Set panning
09xx - Trigger sample offset
0axx - Surround width
0bxx - Play sample backwards
0dxx - Delay
0exy - Retrig
0fxy - Vibrato


f0xx - Set BPM
f1xx - Set lines per beat
f2xx - Set tick-rate
f4xx - Toggle song-groove
fbxx - Pattern break
fcxx - Set mastervolume
fdxx - Delay complete pattern xx lines.

and hey… why not have “note column fx columns” for the master track, too… anything you set there would affect ALL note columns (would be killer to make a global funky shuffle if you know I mean), which then would be overriden by the track fx, which would be overridden by the note column fx…


… this could be so sweet.

Would be sweet, indeed. In violation of my general one track per instrument policy, I often need to create several new tracks due to the lack of sub track fx columns. Would save me space, time and improve the general view of my rns.
But my guess is that not many would use this.

When using VST plugins mostly, this option will not do much for those instruments.
Only if you use samples, currently that becomes interesting once the XRNI structure has been brought to a new level where multilayer and multi-offsets etc. are configurable.