Deep Dubstep / Breaks

Just need some advise on this track for arrangement, intro needs work and is a bit long really. And am not sure on the sections from 51 secs to 2:45 , from 2:45 it grows into something different then the original concept and is a bit more interesting so you will have to get to that stage and listen to the end, as it will constantly change.

I would like some ideas from fellow renoise users on the arrangement etc. Hopefully some help will be at hand. It’s all done in renoise, all my sounds are originally from hardware though mainly, few bits of software created sounds on this one though.

This is not mastered or anything, and is a bit quiet, so may need to boost ya volume a bit, not done much work on the production situation yet, need to get it all boosted up nicely.

I think the bass sounds nice when it comes in, only not really sure about the amount of lofi elements,had to turn volume down in my headphones becuase of the …sharp sounds. When you filter/gate/flange etc(edit) the sound after lofi treatment it will be les harsh but if that is how this style should be made/how you want it to sound then forget i said that :D

I think the arrangement is interesting, it keeps changing along, that is a good thing. You can hear that a lot of work went into it, i am not a dubstep fan(big :yeah: for not using that annoying wobble bass that seem to be in every other dubstep track, i can’t stand it :lol: ) but if you would make those sounds less harsh i would really enjoy listening to this :walkman:

I like the “harsh” sounds, and I like the breaks/dubstep tempo shifts. The song as a whole is a bit flat though. Personally, I find it a bit too minimal sounding and repetetive, but that is mainly a matter of taste - I know lots of people like this kind of sound. Still, I think you could do more radical things to the arrangement. In short you need more quiet/loud contrasts, breakdowns and buildups. Now it just slowly builds and stays at one level throughout.

Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.

I found out that the harsh sounds was a bit to much high end eq processing within renoise, I had not played the tune at very high volume or checked on a set of headphones, I found it to be quite harsh at the top end, need some filtering and generally tweaking to the production.

There was not much time spent on the arrangement though, only a couple of hours, and I will take all the advise very seriously and try to add some kind of breakdowns into the tune. The Intro especially needs some work.

I will post an update once done.

Thanks again.


I think this is quite a good track,you have a nice vibe,a very good bass sound and you have set the pace nicely. I don’t like the noises at the very start and agree with you that the track gets better towards the middle.