Default automation mode: (new) line mode for right dragging sliders

If you right drag a dsp device’s slider, you will write automation. If there wasn’t a patttern automation so far, Renoise auto creates it. But it always uses then the very oldschool “Points” mode. It should be the new/fresh line (with curves) mode instead. The line mode even is the default, when I click into an empty automation lane. So the behaviour is inconsistent.




So we all may agreed with everything, but I was searching for the same thing on this forum and there is no answer at all from Renoise programmers / support. Like pretending that problem not exist or disappears maybe.

This is last thing where Renoise is worse than other DAWs IMO. What is a problem to increase resolution of sampling automation and stop making it sync to lines? Ok, points may be even ok, if I can choose how many points per line I want to record. But not just one!

Is the resolution between lines determined by the number of ‘ticks’ you configure?

Seems that this may possibly be tied to the way pattern effects operate.
Is it desierable at some level to have this inter-operability?

Could a possible solution be:

Some sort of effect issued in a second, or group fx column; which describes
how to modulate the contained effect over the next ‘x’ number of ticks?

I’m not talking about fx column, it is not supposed to be used for precise recording automation.