Default Channel Strip?

Is there any way to define default effects for channels? There are a lot of effects that I use on just about every channel – HPF, EQ, compression, and a couple send devices, in particular. I’d love it if I didn’t have to manually add these things every time I add a new channel to the mix. ;)

  • Eric

You could set up the DSP chain the way you like it, then save it via Disk Browser > DspChain.

Now you can move to a new channel and load in the chain you saved.

Not quite perfect, but better than nothing :)

Yeah, that’s something, but I’d like to be able to assign a default DSP chain that always loads to new channels. =)

  • Eric

You can also save a startup song, like a blank template with the effects you want that will be loaded on startup and when you do a new song. Not really what you wanted either, but at least its something. :)

These are great suggestions, but I don’t really consider them to be good excuses not to add a default dsp chain feature. =)

Yeah I understood exactly what you meant and I think it would be a cool feature. I just figured I’d give some info that might help you out right now since you weren’t very clear whether you’d already tried this method or not.

Yeah, I’ve done both of the above mentioned work-arounds, but I still find myself constantly creating new channels – my default setup has a dozen or so channels ready to rock, but I usually add 4-6 new channels for each song, which requires me to load the dsp chains 4-6 times. Not terribly much work, actually, but anything that interrupts my creative flow is a little irritating. =)

  • Eric

One idea is to add a button like the “startup song”, but for the track fx chain. The technology behind it could also work the same, i.e. a fx chain file that is stored in the Renoise dir and loaded for each new channel.

does anyone really use the same effects for any track he adds?

my face is like this now: :o

Obviously, or this topic wouldn’t be here. :) Besides, having default settings doesn’t mean you can’t change them.

But I too have never felt the need for it.

Another way to do it is to copy and paste a dsp chain in the advanced edit.

But if you have the same chain then why don’t you make the default song with those extra 4-6 channels? Then you don’t need to add them each time or you don’t have to use them :)

One way I can see it implemented is like dspchain preset buttons.
For me thogh it wouldn´t be a very useful feature…

Hmmz, yeam… well, i use Sendtracks if i have to duplicate DSP chains.
Not only prevents this from having the same effects being applied multiple times, it saves CPU resources.

The only con for this, is when the effects require different parameters for each track.