Default master out routing issue

hey, just got a Presonus Monitor station and from now on I’m using SPDIF outs on my audio interface instead of analog outs. Which means I need to manually switch channels in the master tracks of every renoise project ever made. Is there a way to override / set default ports in some renoise configuration file for this?

Yes, create a song from scratch, switch the channels in the master and then File -> save as Template song

The channel should however be available when Renoise initializes the soundcard. If the other channels are not available when the template song is to be loaded, i doubt it can be fixed easily.

well, yes I’ve updated my default song template and that works good, but I am talking about the 2000-3000 projects created BEFORE this setup change :smiley: I did not think the master OUTs were written to the project/song file…? hmm

Is this something that can be altered via Lua scripting?

I have a growing number of songs that use MIDI out on select instruments to drive external events (mainly graphic applications). I work on the songs on different machines, and the names of available MIDI out devices on each machine are different. I got tired of manually setting these instrument settings so I wrote a tool for myself. You can read about it here:

The basic idea is the tool looks for a custom folder holding a Lua file named after the currently loaded song. If that file s found it gets loaded; the file is expected to define a function that sets song properties using Lua.

I have it set to simply add a tool menu item so I can manually trigger the code, but it can just as easily be coded to automatically invoke the code.

If you can follow my write-up and do a bit of Lua scripting you could create for yourself a tool that automatically updates the audio out properties, assuming this is something that can be done using Lua and the Renoise API.

If you want to do this for every song then you can skip the code that checks the loaded song name and just invoke code on the opening of every song.

Hey Neurogami, thanks for excellent input.
I haven’t tried coding anything in lua yet, but now I have the proper motivation, for sure B)
Will definitely give it a go as soon as I have time, I’ll check out your tool and little guide there, and might come back to ask for help if it’s too tricky.
Thanks again mate.