Default Midi Map?

Is there a way to define a midi map the automatically loads if renoise starts?

Yes. make your mapping>go to song settings>save as template song.

But then it’s removed again, if I load a project…

yes, but this will help you to make your default MIDI mappings for new songs.

However, if you have your map ready you can save it in the MIDI-mapping window.
then you can simply load it again in the MIDI mappings window while you have your song opened.
then safe the song again and the mappings will stay.
(the mappings are stored inside the song/project)

These settings are hard to save as “default” mapping set, because mappings should be saved:with the DSP device, with the VST device, with the Midi device, with the track etc.
Ofcourse not a bad idea, but quite some work to implement.